Probing Interdictors: A How To Guide


Probing interdictors are crucial to any kind of nullsec fighting in EVE Online, from gate camps to the largest fleet battles. In the heat of combat, it’s all too easy to bubble your own fleet and get yourself killed by your own FC. So how can you use interdictors to best help out your FC and the fleet?

In this first EVE Online How To video, Lazarus Telraven, one of the most experienced Fleet Commanders in EVE, explains the four types of interdictors; the Heretic, the Sabre, the Eris and the Flycatcher. Let Laz explain which one is best, why, and details how to fit these ships.

Want to know more about how best to use your interdictor? Laz walks you though the best way to use them to support your fleet and walks you through some examples of a probing interdictor in action.

Here are the individual fits for each interdictor:

EVE Interdictor Heretic Fits

EVE Interdictor Sabre Fits

EVE Interdictor Eris Fits

EVE Interdictor Flycatcher Fits

This article originally appeared on, written by Sabrina.

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