PL/PHEW/Hax. Destroy 155B ISK Fiend

TMC Archives 2016-01-11


Only fifteen days after our last report on an Alliance Tournament ship being destroyed, another AT cruiser has fallen to hunters in lowsec. Judas II of Decayed Orbit, lost EVE Online’s first Fiend on December 31 at 1814 EVE time. His Alliance Tournament XIII heavy interdiction cruiser, which was strongly fit with a mixture of faction, officer, and deadspace modules and worth a total of 155B ISK, was destroyed in The Citadel region’s system of Enderailen.

The attackers, Pandemic Legion, PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS, Waffles, and HAX, baited the Fiend with a Hurricane. As seen in the video below, the “REKKINGCREW” were waiting on a wormhole in Nazhgete leading to the system where Judas II had engaged the bait. Holding down the Fiend with a warp scrambler, the crew jumped through, warped down and killed the AT HIC on the Kubinen gate.

First Fiend (Alliance Tournament AT-XIII Ship)To Die In Eve Online


So far, according to, the Fiend has been involved in a total of at least 339 kills. Of the 339 kills, 168 (49.5%) of the kills came from Judas II alone. Only forty nine of these exist now, and at least nine other pilots use them in PVP. The second and third place pilots for activity in the Fiend are Ron Mexxico of PL and RoCkEt X of PL. These three pilots alone account for 80.8% of all kills in the Fiend.

Although there is a lot of hype over his loss, many pilots in EVE Online commend his courage for flying such an expensive ship. Hopefully, Judas will hop straight back into the AT HIC and get back to business.

TMC has reached out to the attackers, but was denied comment. We have also reached out to Judas II and will update as his response comes in.

Caldari Sentry Gun III was also reached out to for comment, but we were promptly told by the Cadarli State that this was not the Sentry Gun we were looking for.

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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