PLEX On Sale & EVE Russia Tickets Available Now


EVE Russia

CCP announced that tickets for EVE Russia 2020 in Moscow are now available. The gathering is scheduled for June 13-14 at Centre Hall with prices set at 2060 rubles per ticket, or about $31.35 USD. This covers both days of the event as well as an exclusive EVE Russia T-Shirt and “more goodies” that CCP has yet to elaborate on. CCP also stated that there would be food and drinks available at the venue.

The current agenda for EVE Russia is jam packed with lots of exciting events and is being hyped up as “the biggest and most ambitious EVE Russia event yet.” CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson is slotted to make an appearance alongside many other yet to be named developers for the various “presentations… roundtables, an Art Corner, the ‘Friendship’ river cruise and, of course, lots of partying.” CCP also noted that tickets for the cruise will be available “at a later date.”

EVE Russia comes on the heels of Russia Day, which is June 12. Russia Day is the equivalent to the USA’s Independence Day, so expect lots of partying and fireworks not just from CCP but Moscow as a whole. The long flight to Moscow will likely be the most expensive part, so those on a budget can compare round trip tickets here. Room and board on the other hand looks to be very affordable and there will be a link here to compare rates. Should you find yourself needing a passport, here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for one.


CCP has announced a PLEX sale through 1100 UTC March 3 “to celebrate the introduction of the permanent ‘Needlejack Jump Filaments’.” The sale is set at 15% off all PLEX bundles of 500 or more, ranging from $16.99 USD to $424.99 USD. If you’re interested in picking up your bundle, here’s a shortcut.

The Needlejack Filaments were first introduced during the ‘Naughty or Nice’ holiday event this past Christmas. Initial feedback from the player base was a resounding plea to make the filaments permanent. If you’d like to see more about the filaments, a more in depth look is here along with some other changes coming to the filaments.

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