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CCP turned its PLEX for Good campaign toward the COVID-19 pandemic on April 3 with an announcement by CEO Hilmar Pétursson. Previous PLEX for GOOD campaigns by the Iceland-based game maker have raised over $500,000 from players for a variety of causes.

EVE players are “some of the kindest, most helpful groups of people I have ever known,” Hilmar said in the announcement. “This was clear to see when in 2005 we reached out and asked EVE players to help in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami that hit on Boxing Day, 2004. Back then, the community around EVE was small and tightly knit, and they gave big. Since then, PLEX for GOOD has raised over $500,000 to help with good causes all around the world.”

Prior campaigns have raised amounts ranging from $25,326 for the 2005 South East Asia tsunami, to over $107,000 for Australia’s bush fires earlier this year.

Contributions can be made directly in game by contracting PLEX to the character CCP PLEX for GOOD. Hilmar said the real-world monetary value “of all PLEX collected will be donated by CCP to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund at the conclusion of the campaign on behalf of EVE Online players.”

CCP asks that players donate a minimum of 240 PLEX, which helps them “process donations as efficiently as possible while also allowing those with only a small amount of PLEX to participate.”

CCP “regards any scamming attempts surrounding PLEX for GOOD to be morally reprehensible, and any attempts at scamming relating to this program will be met with the harshest and swiftest action at our disposal. If you become aware anyone of attempting a scam related to PLEX for GOOD please notify us at”

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