April is the new March: Final(?) Revision of Patchnotes Announces new Implant Sets, The Hunt Event


Art by Quendan Comari

Earlier today, CCP edited its patch notes released on March 10 to include the current patch, which, breaking with tradition for a second time, occurred on a Monday. Still, we elected to give the newest revision of the March notes its own news piece to keep you informed about the latest changes to the game.

CCP Aurora, CCP’s newest community developer introduced to the community in March, pointed out on the Eve Reddit that the edit of the patch notes was ‘technically correct’ since the update is called March 2020 and the changes constitute a change to that update.

Today’s patch includes two new implant sets: Hydra and Valdimar. Hydra implants give a bonus to drone tracking speed, drone optimal range, drone falloff range, missile flight time and missile explosion velocity. These are available as Low, Mid and High-Grade sets, with a set bonus of 2.5%, 10% and 15% respectively. The drone bonus does not apply to fighters. ‘Valdimar’ implants drop from normal ‘Outpost’ sites, and give a bonus to max velocity, optimal range, repair amount and hit points for drones and fighters.

Furthermore, “The Hunt” event is live. Besides a 50% drop rate of implants from player pods, players can probe and d-scan for capsules that drop gate keys to the final room in Guristas Outpost (and Huntmaster Outpost) sites. Once there, players can loot implants, skins, clothing, modules, Gecko drone blueprints and, from the rarer “Huntermaster” sites, Hydra implant blueprints.

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  • Rammel Kas

    Note the “Valdimar” implant set is for your slot 1-5, but do not bonus all the stats at once. It only boosts one stat. Like fighter speed. The way you have it there seems to read that you can get one which does all the stats.

    April 7, 2020 at 11:26 AM