Pew4Reps: The Vehe Project


The evening of August 28, there will be a return of the Pew4Reps public fleet in support of #broadcast4reps and the Eve comunity’s ongoing mission to raise suicide awareness. This time however there will be a twist! The fleet will be including a Serpentis Vehement dreadnought along with other capital support, so please mark this in your diaries and form up in Dodixie at 18:00 Eve time. TMC reached out to the organiser FullMetalTS1 to get his story:

Okay, so pew4reps is a pub fleet that I created to help spread awareness and help reward the people who take time out of their days to help other people. This fleet coming up this month is getting a lot of publicity because it is features a Vehement dreadnought. As far as I know the only one made to date. So my thought process is this. Get a ship everyone will want to kill. And people will show up from everywhere to kill it. The more people we get out there, the more we have that will know why we’re doing it.

So as of right now I haven’t gotten many donations from the public, only a few from people that know it’s not a scam. Lol. But as for people that have helped; Rixx Javix has pledged to help, Rahne from eve NT has as well. Guth whom is a friend of mine, Tovanis he has been a major big supporter in P4R. He is always willing to help as long as people keep having fun. He has also donated a estimated 10 billion ISK to P4R as donations in the past. My corp has also been a big supporter of P4R. The Sixth Empire as well. Including you guys (Eve Jita admins). And of course you Red for helping promote the fleet with TMC. I can’t of course forget 1ron bank. From iwantisk, he also has been a big contributor. He is the one that actually donated the vehement so massive thanks!

Many thanks too, to CCP Karkur. She has shown up to nearly every event. The one last month she was on, she was on vacation from work, and she still showed up. So I’ve got much love for her on coming out. Even though she gets blapped really quickly. Haha

One thing I do want to make clear, is that I have 0 to gain out this fleet in particular. Any ISK left over from donations will be donated to other people. As well as any mods that people may donate. But I personally do not want to be known for this event. I want the event it self to be known. PewrReps broadcast4reps, care4kids, spam4heals the angle project. I want people to know that those groups and more are out there. And they will take the time talk to you, and help you the best they can. Or you may want to help them, and I’m sure they are willing to accept the help.

Lets see… I’ve got too many contacts to name em all, but this pub fleet I am expecting is to be a big one. If anyone is willing to donate, contract items or send ISK to me (FullMetalTS1) or if people have a cap they want to yolo with the vehe then mail me and I will get them a prestaging area then a staging area so caps will be all together. I do have have a few people already bringing caps, so it’ll be fun none the less.

So capsuleers! Please support the cause and see you on the undock!

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