Patch Notes for August 11: Tiericide, New Modules, Triglavian Changes


Just a few hours ago, CCP released the patch notes for the upcoming August 11 deployment, including an extended thirty-minute server downtime.

For many capsuleers, the headline of the new patch will be a significant tiericide pass on Armor Energized Plating and Layered Membrane modules. This is accompanied by market grouping changes that correspond with the simplified naming structures of the modules. Resistance Membranes are mostly having their names reshuffled a bit, but arguably one of the most useful modules – the Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane – will now be known as the Multispectrum Energized Membrane. Eighteen smaller modules will now be collapsed into 6 flavors of the new Compact Energized Membrane module. There will also be meta changes for 7 levels, as shown below:

As far as specific module rebalancing, many capsuleers will want to note the following:

  • Corelum modules will see a reduction in CPU cost, but also see a slight reduction in resistance
  • Centum and Corpum modules see a modest resist increase
  • Modules with additional CPU costs see reductions across the board
  • Several modules see a significant decrease in volume
  • Even with the meta shifts, nearly all other modules which lose a meta step see an increase in resists

CCP have also added two new storyline-level modules for EM and Explosive resists. These will be the ‘Pickpocket’ EM Energized Membrane and the ‘Bribe’ Explosive Energized Membrane. On the other hand, Shaqil’s Modified EANM and Shaqil’s Modified Energized Thermal Membrane will be removed, as they were extremely rare, and capsuleers could only receive one per character through the COSMOS missions.

Market-oriented capsuleers will want to take advantage of their new ability to create multiple contracts for assembled ships at a time. Some observers are anticipating that this will be a huge relief for industrialists and NullSec denizens looking to market large amounts of ships at once.

Triglavian content enthusiasts will be glad to know that CCP has rebalanced Amarr, Caldari, and Triglavian NPCs, as well as EDENCOM NPCs now being hostile to players with negative standing. Players can also expect additional NPC structures as well as a doubling of Stellar Reconnaissance systems. The final quality of life improvement for experienced players or anyone hoarding alts is the new “Skip Tutorial” prompt they will receive when warping out of system. Unfortunately, Triglavian enthusiasts will be disappointed to hear that the invasion has come to an end, as this patch sees these standings changes classified as “Invastion” mechanics.

Additionally, as far as bug fixes go, CCP have fixed an issue where the client would freeze when undocking after starting a client instance. Additional improvements include fixing the mining ledger field editor, a UI scaling issue, and a disappearing UI on login.

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