PAPI’s Retreat Daily Report: Days 12-14


For the last two weeks, INN has provided daily activity summaries of the Imperium’s reconquest of Delve, Querious, Fountain, and Period Basis. As the reconquest is largely complete, this will be the last batch of daily reports.

The Imperium continues to reinforce structures across Delve, Querious, Fountain, and Period Basis to stop unanchoring timers. In addition, many structures are being destroyed on a daily basis.


While Friday was a fairly quiet day on both the sov board and the killboard compared to earlier in the week (the UQ beacon still provides), it was marked by too highly momentous and symbolic events that mark the end of the occupation chapter in this war.

Very early Friday morning, the Imperium killed PAPI’s staging Keepstar (“The Tower of Legends”) in T5ZI-S and anchored a storied faction Fortizar in its place.

Shortly after, Goonswarm Federation recovered the TCU in Delta Sqad’s ancestral home, W6V-VM in Querious. Furok Dorn, Space Attourney for the excellent (but sadly cheated) former CSM candidate Baculus Orden, paid tribute to the achievement:

“With PAPI’s illegal and unconscionable occupation of Delta’s sacred homeland at its end, the rule of law and of right has been reestablished. Delta Sqad is enforcing a strict no not posting policy and restoring badger delivery services effective immediately.”

PAPI Jump Bridges Destroyed:

HHQ-M1 (Esoteria)




MJXW-P (Delve)
ALP-V4 (Fountain)
W6V-VM (Querious) (GSF has reclaimed Delta Sqad’s ancestral home)
(In addition, TEST lost 31 TCU’s in Paragon Soul and 1 in Esoteria)

Notable PAPI Losses:

2 Keepstars (409.79 billion) (Delve; included in this pair is the PAPI staging Keepstar in T5Z)
6 Fortizars (67.1 billion) (Delve, Querious)
4 Astrahus (Delve, Querious, +1 in Metropolis lost to Shadow Cartel)
3 Raitarus (Querious)
3 Azbel (57.61 billion) (Querious)
1 Tatara (24.03 billion) (Querious)
27 Athanors (Delve, Querious, Fountain) (3 of these belonged to unaligned alliances)
18 Customs Offices (Delve)
1 Titan (90.97 billion) (Catch; the beacon provides)
4 Carriers (28.83 billion) (Catch, Curse; the beacon provides)
2 Dreadnoughts (12.09 billion) (Catch; the beacon provides)
1 Jump Freighter (17.19 billion) (Catch; the beacon provides)


This was the quietest day of the reconquest since the very start. Most PAPI ships are long gone from Imperium space, most IHUBs have been taken, and structure bashing is winding down. As the Imperium approaches the two-week mark of reconquest, it can fairly be said that they have undone almost all of PAPI’s gains.

PAPI Jump Bridges Destroyed:

P-ZMZV (Querious)


A-5F4A (Querious)
8B-SAJ (Querious)
W-IX39 (Querious)


1B-VKF (Delve)
7UTB-F (Delve)
AJI-MA (Delve) (Lost by Invisible.)
HM-XR2 (Delve)
PF-KUQ (Delve)
Q-02UL (Delve)
Q-JQSG (Delve)
QC-YX6 (Delve)
T-J6HT (Delve)
T-M0FA (Delve)
L-FVHR (Querious)
1-5GBW (Fountain)
C-FER9 (Fountain)
F2-2C3 (Fountain)
O-PNSN (Fountain)

Notable PAPI Losses:

7 Fortizars (81.46 billion) (Delve, Querious)
2 Astrahus (Khanid, The Forge)
3 Raitarus (Querious, Period Basis)
3 Azbels (26.94 billion) (Delve, Querious, Fountain)
1 Tatara (10.38 billion) (Fountain)
20 Athanors (Delve, Querious, Fountain)
15 Customs Offices (Delve, Querious)
1 Supercarrier (40.47 billion) (Providence)
3 Carriers (21.49 billion) (Catch, Tenerifis; the beacon provides)
2 Dreadnoughts (15.12 billion) (Tribute, Tenerifis)


In a sign of the Imperium’s victorious reconquest, TCUs, usually the last piece to fall in a sov fight (after IHUBs, structures, and other more important infrastructure targets), have started to fall in droves across Imperium space. A vast swath of Querious was taken, a vast swath of Delve was flipped to CONDI, and another batch of timers are up in Querious for tomorrow.

PAPI Jump Bridges Destroyed:

UR-EV6 (Period Basis)




5-6QW7 (Delve)
F-9PXR (Delve)
YAW-7M (Delve)
0-WT2D (Querious)
7GCD-P (Querious)
7V-KHW (Querious)
8-SNUD (Querious)
9CG6-H (Querious)
9ES-SI (Querious)
A-5F4A (Querious)
A-BO4V (Querious)
A2-V27 (Querious)
A3-LOG (Querious)
C-9RRR (Querious)
G-3BOG (Querious)
GOP-GE (Querious)
H-4R6Z (Querious)
IGE-NE (Querious)
K-B8DK (Querious)
K-L690 (Querious)
K-Z0V4 (Querious)
K7D-II (Querious)
L-6BE1 (Querious)
L-6W1J (Querious)
LNVW-K (Querious)
MKD-O8 (Querious)
NDII-Q (Querious)
OGY-6D (Querious)
P4-3TJ (Querious)
SKR-SP (Querious)
T8T-RA (Querious)
UVHO-F (Querious)
UYU-VV (Querious)
V-3U8T (Querious)
V-LEKM (Querious)
W-IX39 (Querious)
Z-XX2J (Querious)
08S-39 (Period Basis)

Notable PAPI Losses:

3 Keepstars (614.11 billion) (Delve, Querious)
2 Astrahus (Delve, Querious)
2 Raitarus (Querious, Fountain)
2 Azbels (14.82 billion) (Delve, Querious)
2 Tataras (28.02 billion) (Delve, Querious)
7Athanors (Querious, Period Basis)
14 POCOs (Delve, Querious)
1 Carrier (4.3 billion) (Geminate)
2 Dreadnoughts (11.25 billion) (Delve, Kador)
1 Freighter (6.71 billion) (Delve)

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  • Moomin Amatin

    Thank you for this type of reporting. I know that in time it will also be greatly appreciated by those who write about our history.

    The pace at which the Imperium has reclaimed its home has been stunning. The PAPI move op is not even over and much of what the Imperium had lost has been restored.

    August 16, 2021 at 8:00 PM
  • phuzz

    This series has been gloriously petty and I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly 🙂

    August 17, 2021 at 8:49 AM
  • Democritus

    I’ve used a lot of torpedoes and would do it again!

    August 19, 2021 at 11:30 AM