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The Leviathan awakes tomorrow

Quendan 2016-10-20

Stellaris: Leviathans and the 1.3 patch titled ‘Heinlein’ will hit the virtual shelves tomorrow. Paradox had announced their story pack back in September. For the developers, a ‘story pack’ is paid content classed between a feature pack and a full-blown expansion….

7 Eve Online

Inception – A New Twist on EVE’s New Player Experience

Porkbutte 2016-10-18

Making New Eden Great Again (For Newbies) In a devblog released today by CCP Games, Team Genesis released the first peek at the direction the New Player Experience (NPE) is moving in. As the team behind reimagining the ways in…

1 Eve Online

Alliance Tournament XIV: Final Weekend

Thel Ancora 2016-10-18

The final weekend of Alliance Tournament XIV was packed full of explosions with 2 special edition Etanas and one Adrestia being forever lost from Tranquility. The Tuskers Co and WE FORM V0LTA both lost their flagship Bhaalgorn. This setback was…

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Imperium News: We’re Hiring!

Alexander "The Mittani" Gianturco 2016-10-18

Imperium News is recruiting writers, streamers and producers! The Purpose of Imperium News Imperium News intends to be the voice of the Imperium in the media, much like the Voice of America. We’re working to create a platform where our…

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The Big Announcement

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2016-10-18

Author’s note: I don’t know why I am writing this.  It’s a waste of my time. Editor’s note: Look, we need a piece out for this, and everyone else is busy, or drunk. Author’s note: Like I’m not busy?  You’re…

1 Eve Online

Co2/Test Dreadnoughts blobbed by NC/MC/PL Titans in IHub Defense

Macky Avelli 2016-10-18

Fighting broke out earlier today, October 17 at 1800 UTC between former Money Badger Coalition-mates when Circle-Of-Two <CO2> and Test Alliance Please Ignore <TEST> joined forces against Mercenary Coalition <MC>, Northern Coalition. <NC>, and Pandemic Legion <-10.0> in the Tribute…

6 Eve Online

Imperium Aborts Culture Supercapitals

Bill McDonough 2016-10-15

At 01:30 EVE on October 15, the Imperium began a series of ‘coathanger ops’—fleet operations intended to destroy enemy SuperCapital Ship Assembly Arrays (SCSAAs). The targets: a set of towers in the Fountain region owned by Black Legion successor alliance,…

4 Eve Online

A New Dawn

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2016-10-15

When I say Her Majesty, it is not her. When I say Empress, it is not her. What a miserable time to be alive. Mad Dash Across the Border On the early morning of September 27, all of Holy Amarr…

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TwitchCon: the Aftermath

Gommel Nox 2016-10-14

If there was any one thought I had going through my mind as my wife, parents and I drove to the airport before dawn to make our flight to San Diego for this year’s TwitchCon, it was “oh God I…

4 Eve Online

Two Revenants down in The Forge

Rhivre 2016-10-14

On 13 October at around 19:00 Eve time in the Oijanen system of The Forge , a Fortizar belonging to Synergy of Steel [SYN] became vulnerable. Circle-of-Two [CO2], Project. Mayhem.[16-13], Snuffed Out [B.B.C] and allies turned up to attack. A defense fleet was formed…

6 Eve Online

Jump Range Set to Be Increased for Capital Ships

David Matterall 2016-10-13

CCP has proposed jump range changes for capital and super capital ships. The slight increase in range is expected to “alleviate some of the problems capital pilots are currently facing,” according to CCP Larrikin. The presumption is the alleviation of…

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Castles of Steel: Theorycrafting the Royal Navy Battleship Lines

Robby Kasparic 2016-10-13

“We may now picture this great Fleet, with its flotillas and cruisers, steaming slowly out of Portland Harbour, squadron by squadron, scores of gigantic castles of steel wending their way across the misty, shining sea, like giants bowed in anxious…

10 Eve Online

IWI RMT Confirmed: EULA Changes Ban 3rd-Party Casinos

Bill McDonough 2016-10-12

In a new DevBlog released on Oct 12, CCP Falcon has revealed a slew of changes to the End User License Agreement, or EULA, of EVE Online. The new EULA will take effect on Tuesday, November 8 with the release…

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Dual Universe Kickstarter A Success – What’s Next?

Macky Avelli 2016-10-12

One of the first big steps in Dual Universe coming to fruition is complete: the Kickstarter is fully funded within days of its deadline. Having reached the goal with 3 days to spare, the Kickstarter continues to accept pledges to…