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World War Bee: Week Two

Ban Syrin 2020-07-20

Two weeks into World War Bee and New Eden’s null sec war has finally had a major engagement. Fountain was extremely busy as PandaFam and associates battered the castle doors, taking down some iHubs in the region. The total ISK…

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Flyposters and the War on Graffiti

Calyle Morrison 2020-07-19

With war broken out amongst the null blocs and EVE celebrating various galactic holidays, clean up crews across the cluster are working overtime to ensure that the space lanes are litter free. But while salvagers will be getting plump on…

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EVE is the best friend I never knew I had

Calyle Morrison 2020-07-16

I’m aware that this horse has been thoroughly beaten, buried, unearthed and beaten some more, however I figured I’d toss my two swings in for giggles and grins. I’ve come to the conclusion that EVE is like the best friend…

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The trouble with Indomitus: A warhammer 40,000 box set launch, and how GW fixed it

mistwarden 2020-07-15

On July 11, the newest edition of Warhammer 40k went up for pre-order, at 10 am local time on Game Workshop’s website as well as third-party stores who are permitted to sell pre-orders as well. To understand what happened next we…

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The Mittani Gifts TEST Pilots 500 PLEX

Robert Miller 2020-07-14

War isn’t cheap, and nullsec war even more so. Alliance SRP can only cover so much in losses, and after those funds are used up pilots often have to dip into their own wallets to make up the difference. And…

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World War Bee: Week One

Ban Syrin 2020-07-13

After the first full week of World War Bee, the action has clearly just begun. Both sides are feeling the other out and testing for weaknesses. The total ISK lost across the war so far has  surpassed 1.5 trillion ISK,…

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Vignettes: The Baseliners

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2020-07-12

Shira Sinak watched the travelers filing through inbound lanes. Station security scanned, gencoded, and loctagged every single one before interrogation. The majority of travelers came from citadels in the Imperium’s flood plains. As personnel already in the Imperium’s employ—and thus…

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Liberation Day Has Arrived

Calyle Morrison 2020-07-10

CCP announced the start of the Liberation Day event for the Minmatar Republic to start July 10 through 11:00 UTC July 12. In celebration of the Republic’s liberation from the Amarr, various parades will be held in select systems as…

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CCP Offers Instant Skillpoint Bundle

Hai Ren 2020-07-09

CCP has made a new Training Boost Bundle available for purchase at $39.99 USD. Released on July 9, the package includes 1.5 million skill points (SP) and an Expert Cerebral Accelerator that boosts all character attributes by 8 for 12.5…

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EVE Echoes Extends Beta

Cassian Anders 2020-07-09

NetEase Inc. has announced an extension of the EVE Echoes beta test. The July 7 Twitter announcement came after the first week of the Echoes beta netted the developers more feedback than expected. As a result, the test is now expected to…

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Foolish Gambit Please Ignore

Cato Azizora 2020-07-09

When analyzing the EVE Online game board, one needs to take into account past events, how they will impact the present, and what the future will entail in consequence. Test Alliance Please Ignore has played their card, hoping for a…

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A War for Professionals

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2020-07-09

World War Bee is not the first time around the bloc war for most of the leadership on both sides. The Mittani and most of the upper level Imperium directorate are veterans of several campaigns. Vily was on the CFC…

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CCP: Q1 Report Has Good News

Hai Ren 2020-07-08

The EVE economy is “fairer” and players are finding it easier to connect with other players, according to CCP’s Q1 2020 Economy Review, which was posted to the Eve Online Dev Blog on June 26. The first of its kind report to…

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NIP’s End Sees Cross Region Fights

Ban Syrin 2020-07-06

In the 24-hours following the end of the Non-Invasion Pact (NIP) between Legacy and the Imperium fights have erupted across the southwestern edges of New Eden. Imperium forces rallied to defend their space in brief skirmishes in 1-SMEB and 1DQ1-A,…