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Alliance Culture and Eve Meets

Roudin 2018-12-02

Eve Online has become a compendium of human cultures as it has grown over the years. Dictatorships, Ruling Councils, Democracies and an elected Republic with the CSM cover a wide spectrum of governance types. Within the different player groups there…


Wormhole Brawl of the Week #3

General Thade 2018-12-01

This week was a moderately eventful one in wormhole space. The week started with a decent-sized brawl between Lazerhawks (LZHX) and No Vacancies (NVACA). Also, Of Sound Mind (SOUND) did a small eviction resulting in a fair amount of ship…


Space News Update December 2018—InSight Lands on Mars

Rhiannon Williams 2018-12-01

Its been a very exciting time lately spacefans! I hope all my US spacepeeps are over the turkey coma as this time we’re all about Mars! Insight Arrives Safely on Mars! I don’t know about you, but I for one…


Cut me a slice of that Keepstar

mistwarden 2018-11-29

During the assassination of Julius Caesar, he was stabbed 23 times. However, the autopsy concluded that only two of those stabs would have been fatal. This means that the other 21 stabs failed to achieve anything and could be considered…


Fallout 76 Review – An Underrated Return to the Wasteland

Chase Gamwell 2018-11-29

Fallout 76 has been a hot topic since Bethesda announced it at E3 in June. While many people love the idea of a multiplayer Fallout game, just as many hate it, and the court of public opinion is ablaze with…


Sound the Horde Horn: Retreat

mistwarden 2018-11-27

In a discord broadcast to Pandemic Horde made available to INN this evening, Gobbins, the leader of the PH alliance, has sounded the retreat of the Branch campaign and has given the order to fall back. The message can be…


PvP Lifestyle—Making a Living by the Sword

Bill McDonough 2018-11-26

New Eden thrives on two things. The stability of instability, and the importance of players’ actions and choices. The first one means that some level of instability and upheaval is always present, while the second relies on players being free…


PSA: Starbase Navigation Module Deadline

mistwarden 2018-11-25

I hope your logistic teams have been flexing hard, as come downtime on November 27, all Player-Owned Starbase jump bridges, cyno generators and cyno jammers will go offline. After this point, only the replacement FLEX Upwell structures will be functional….


Wormhole Brawl of the Week: Giants Collide

General Thade 2018-11-24

This past week was a very slow one in wormhole space, but nevertheless there was still action. Throughout the week there were a small series of brawls and ganks, with the Big 3 coming out on top with the most…


Diplomacy: The Two EVEs

JuriusDoctor 2018-11-23

This is the fifth and final chapter of the diplomacy series I started over a year ago. Part five was intended to examine how diplomacy develops in a vacuum, and what occurs when one party moves out and makes room for…


Daily quests are good for Eve Online

mistwarden 2018-11-20

The login rewards for alpha and omega characters last weekend gave players a quick boost in skill points, which is useful for pilots enduring long grinds early in the game. Where many players will see this as an attempt to…


Northern Supercapital force called into question as Keepstar falls

Ketriaava 2018-11-20

In the European Timezone of November 19, a Keepstar belonging to the Northern Coalition exited its anchoring period and became vulnerable to attack. The Keepstar was located in H-5GUI, a system in Vale of the Silent on the regional border…


MER for September and October

Gray Doc 2018-11-19

CCP recently (November 15, 2018) released two monthly economics reports (MER) for September and October. The September report was delayed, according to CCP Falcon, “due to the crazy business that was EVE Vegas 2018.” Here, we’ll analyze the reports, look…


EVE’s SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO) Security Update

JokerGuy 2018-11-19

EVE Online’s ESI (EVE Swagger Interface) allows third-party developers to create some amazing things. Still, visiting these non-official EVE Online website requires pilots to log in using their EVE Online account credentials for maximum usage. This can cause concern for…