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Pandemic Horde’s April Townhall

Gwailar 2021-04-27

On April 24, Gobbins, the leader of Pandemic Horde (PH), delivered the April Townhall to his alliance. For more than an hour he and various PH FCs spoke on a number of topics, including PH’s war strategy, the industry changes,…

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CCP Weekly Wrap-up: April 20-26 2021

Undeadenemy 2021-04-27

EVE Online 18th Birthday Contest For EVE’s upcoming 18th birthday, CCP is putting together a memories video and wants to show off clips from the playerbase. Hence, they’re holding a contest looking for video footage from any era of EVE…

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Leadership and the Capsuleer

Rasa Greywalker 2021-04-27

Recently I spent some time reading the book Better than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Classroom Management by Dominique Smith et al. As a teacher and an EVE player, I found it a very interesting read and I wholeheartedly…

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World War Bee: Week 42

Ban Syrin 2021-04-26

Week 42 or World War Bee was one of the slowest weeks in months, even relative to the more relaxed pace of week 41, with 32 total reported hostile actions. As ever, Delve and its environs were home to most…

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Make PvE Great Again

Lofac 2021-04-24

The one thing almost the entire player base of EVE online can agree on is that PVE is generally a boring stale grind. I started playing EVE in 2010 and have tried many things for various lengths of time; missions,…

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The Anger Games Kicks Off

Dirk Stetille 2021-04-23

Brought to you by Sothrasil and a team of (mostly) experienced tournament nerds, the Anger Games kicks off this Saturday (April 24) on the EVE_NT Twitch channel.

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Delta’s Saga, Part IV

Ganthrithor 2021-04-23

Welcome back, dear readers. First, I must apologize sincerely for the lateness of this release: COVID-scares and the banal commitments of everyday life have had their way with the creative process. Nonetheless history does not write itself, so the fires…

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KarmaFleet Cooks: Crab Cakes with Remoulade and Maque Choux

Guilford Australis 2021-04-23

We’re continuing to dive into the cooking efforts of KarmaFleet members. In today’s article, Guilford Australis brings a Cajun twist on a seafood classic. Will his cat approve?

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The Art Of The Deal

Adreland Deninard 2021-04-22

Politics can be a fickle thing in Eve Online.  Corporations cooperate to form alliances.  Alliances cooperate to form coalitions or blocs.  Heck, sometimes coalitions cooperate to form mega coalitions such as PAPI.  Tens of thousands of individual players cooperating on…

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Fraternity Fires on AoM

Moomin Amatin 2021-04-21

Over the past weekend, PAPI members Fraternity [FRT] and Army of Mangos [AoM] clashed and shot each other, despite both organizations being allied together in PAPI.  Here’s the battle report. Analyzing the BR, we see a mixture of PAPI members,…

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Emotional Dysfunction and EVE Online

Gray Doc 2021-04-20

EVE Online’s players may be in a particularly vulnerable state right now and we should be careful not to exacerbate what might be underlying emotional issues. Becoming more aware of the way authority works, coupled with developing an understanding of…

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CCP Weekly Wrap-Up April 13-19 2021

Undeadenemy 2021-04-20

New and Updated Landmarks CCP seems to be showing explorers some love in these new updates. A number of new landmarks are being introduced and some of the old ones are getting a revamp. Definitely something to go take a…

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EVE News | 12 Month Omega in New Eden Store

JuriusDoctor 2021-04-19

CCP has added the ability to purchase 12 months of Omega from directly within the game, via the New Eden Store (NES) for the price of 5,500 PLEX. If purchasing game time in this way, you receive a small benefit…

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World War Bee: Week 41

Ban Syrin 2021-04-19

Week 41 was another slow week of structure bashes across New Eden like week 40, with a handful of reported fights and 45 total hostile actions. Delve and its environs once again dominated the headlines. [Editor’s Note: The link for…