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Thanks from a Newbee

Ban Syrin 2020-03-14

Shortly after my birthday this past year, not quite six months ago, I was sitting in front of my computer, bored of the gaming options I had in front of me. As I’m in my mid-thirties, plenty of video games…

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Losing EVE

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-12

I’m back. I realize that, for 99.9% of capsuleers in New Eden, the appropriate response to such a declaration is something along the lines of “Who even are you?” For me though, it’s a big deal. I joined the game in…

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March Patch Notes: Markets, Tiericide, No Moon Changes, Yet

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-11

CCP’s “Broker Relations” patch deployed to Tranquility on March 10. The full patch notes are available here, but here’s a rundown of the key changes, which will no doubt be explored in more detail as we see how they shake…

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Imperium Joins Fighting Against Hard Knocks

Calyle Morrison 2020-03-09

While the CSM were holding their winter summit with CCP, chaos struck the system of J164430 on March 5th. Hard Knocks, Lazerhawks, and several other K-Space null groups poured into the system to evict TDSIN. The move came while Exookiz,…

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EVE Echoes: A CCP Update

Sovereign RPG 2020-03-06

I recently got together with Senior Brand Manager CCP Rax and Marketing Specialist CCP Alpha, hoping to grab some much needed information after the drought. NetEase has gone dark since the end of January, leaving many people wondering what is…

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EVE is Dead, Long Live EVE!

Kor Anon 2020-03-04

After a nine year absence, I came back. Back to the first MMO to which I ever committed; the first MMO that grabbed all my attention and demanded it, because if you only half played you’d get popped, scammed, or…

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EVE Echoes: Are Our Expectations Too High?

Sovereign 2020-03-02

EVE – the name implies grand battles, underhanded politics, theft, betrayal, espionage, literally everything you could expect from any real world governments. That is just how deep EVE Online can be. With players being as patriotic about their corps and…

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Titan Tackled, Battle Erupts

Calyle Morrison 2020-03-01

At roughly 19:11 UTC carnage struck the Pure Blind system of EC-P8R on Saturday, February 29. Coalitions and alliances clashed together after members of the United Federation of Conifers (UFC) tackled a Siberian Squads (SB-SQ) Titan. This came in a SB-SQ move…

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Darkness Disbands: Goon Expedition Trains Up

Kor Anon 2020-02-29

On Thursday, February 28, months of fighting in Venal resulted in the collapse of Darkness. <DARK.>, the central alliance of Dead Coalition. Pandemic Horde <REKTD>, Northern Coalition. <NC>, TEST Alliance Please Ignore <TEST>, Fraternity <FRT>, and others formed the main…

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Bill McDonough 2020-02-28

FEBRUARY 28—CCP announced today that FanFest 2020 is cancelled. The move comes in response to the continuing spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and is being taken as a precautionary measure. In the announcement, and accompanying EVE Pulse video CCP Dopamine…

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PLEX On Sale & EVE Russia Tickets Available Now

Calyle Morrison 2020-02-27

EVE Russia CCP announced that tickets for EVE Russia 2020 in Moscow are now available. The gathering is scheduled for June 13-14 at Centre Hall with prices set at 2060 rubles per ticket, or about $31.35 USD. This covers both days…

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Yeet-A-Fleet Returns, Accompanied By HAW Nerfs

mistwarden 2020-02-27

Over the Christmas event period, CCP introduced the “Reindeer filaments”, which quickly became one of the most popular items released in years. Loosely styled after Abyssal PvE filaments, these Reindeer variants would instead instantly transport groups of players to a…

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GEF Expedition, Best Expedition: XW-6TC Fight

Kor Anon 2020-02-27

Pandemic Horde lost 207 ships late Wednesday, February 26, after a little structure bashing in Venal by the ‘Goon Expeditionary Force’ (GEF) worked to get PH’s attention. “We were shooting a Horde Fortizar to get them to fight us”, GEF…

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Goodbye 32-Bit Client

Calyle Morrison 2020-02-26

CCP has retired EVE’s 32-bit game client effective Wednesday, February 26. This marks the “deprecation” of the now outdated client that served the player base since 2003. The move was first mentioned in 2005 and more recently outlined in January when…