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CCP Rise and the Core Gameplay “Update”

RedlineXIII 2019-10-26

Anticipation had been building in the weeks leading up to EVE Vegas for the “Core Gameplay Update”. This, the first talk of the second day of EVE Vegas 2019, is on what many veteran players hinge their continued participation in…

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EVE Vegas 2019 Keynote

RedlineXIII 2019-10-26

Early on October 26, CCP Burger and a host of other CCPers delivered the Keynote for EVE Vegas. For those who don’t want to watch the whole stream (even though I highly recommend it), we have compiled quick hits of…

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EVE Vegas 2019: EVE Echoes Into The Future

Bill McDonough 2019-10-24

EVE Online is a game with a strong, active metagame that has come to consume large segments of the game. Now, CCP is learning to play the metagame themselves. In a new press release, CCP has beat themselves to the…

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Creating Your Own Sandbox Experience

RedlineXIII 2019-10-23

Introduction For the uninitiated, EVE Online is a sandbox game. This means that its creators, CCP Games, created the universe, the mechanics within, and are responsible for maintaining balance within the tools its given us to create our own experience….

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Infinity: Battlescape Early Access Review

Quendan 2019-10-21

Infinity: Battlescape – “Planetside in Space” combat is fun, but suffers from a steep learning curve and lack of feedback. Infinity: Battlescape was released in September to early access after being initially backed by a Kickstarter in 2015 that raised…

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The unofficial invasion worldtour : EVE Paris 2019

Louis Lafisques 2019-10-20

EVE Paris 2019 took place on October 12th: the main event of French and wider francophone community was held for its 8th edition this year. After witnessing what was a bigger meet at EVEsterdam and G-Fleet in Berlin, we decided…

13 Eve Online

The Booshing Problem: Understanding Command Destroyers

Saphira Hawk 2019-10-19

Command destroyers have been a staple of the game for a very long time, fitting the role of a Command Burst ship for smaller fleets of frigates and sometimes cruisers, where command ships, battlecruisers and strategic cruisers were too slow…

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CCP announces Warp Speed changes, and the overall reception is surprisingly positive

Saphira Hawk 2019-10-15

On October 15, CCP announced a change to warp speeds for cruisers through to battleships, to be deployed directly to the live Tranquility server. CCP finally listened to the group of solo and small gang pvpers who found roaming in…

4 Eve Online

Killah Bee resigns from CSM14, replaced by Sort Dragon

Quendan 2019-10-14

On October 14, CCP announced that CSM14 member Killah Bee of NC. has decided to resign, citing personal reasons. He is to be replaced by DeadCo leader Sort Dragon. In CCP’s press release, Killah Bee is quoted as saying: “In…

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Lord of the Rings Online Offers Minas Morgul Pre-Order

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2019-10-13

Standing Stone Games has opened preorders for the 7th expansion to their game, Lord of the Rings Online. This one will open up the dead city of Minas Morgul and allow players to kill the giant spider Shelob. As Lord…

9 Editorial

ISK Efficiency and the Dominance of the Jag

Saphira Hawk 2019-10-10

As the title suggests, this piece will be about the current ISK efficiency balance between attackers and defenders in the space of larger alliances, mostly Pandemic Horde and Goonswarm Federation. The focus on those areas comes as these are primary…

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Eve Online October Update: New Triglavian Content

mistwarden 2019-10-09

Spoilers about really cool stuff in the game that got me excited to play and talk about Eve Online below. You have been warned. The latest update for Eve Online has been delivered, bringing a new Triglavian site for players…

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An Evening Killing Triglavians

mistwarden 2019-10-06

It’s my firm belief that CCP believes, for now, that the Triglavians are the future of EVE’s gameplay and features. We’ve seen the Triglavians invade more and more systems as they moved into lowsec regions, even hitting starter and new-player…

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FW Leaders Agree to Moratorium on Mission Farming

Quendan 2019-10-05

Leaders of major corporations and alliances active in the Minmatar-Amarr Faction Warfare (FW) zone have agreed to not contest systems that contain lowsec FW agents to curb mission farming, a recent Reddit post has revealed. This moratorium is intended for…