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1 Eve Online

The most wonderful time of the year…oh god it’s a hot drop

mistwarden 2019-12-14

Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and this year’s Yoiul events feel like Halloween. The theme this year is ‘naughty or nice‘ and features a range of different activities. First off, it’s 13 days of gift-giving over…

8 Eve Online

Hypernet Relay: Raven State Issue Edition

mistwarden 2019-12-10

The Raven State Issue ranks as one of the rarest ships in New Eden. Only four of these ships were ever created, handed out in 2006 as the first prize during the third Alliance Tournament. The State Raven’s main features…

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Capsuleer Vies for Gallente Presidency

Art Vandolay 2019-12-09

A front line capsuleer in Cloud Ring’s faction warfare hopes to be elected president of the Gallente Federation. Julianus Soter believes that the inhabitants of New Eden have been subjected to untold hardship in the months since the Triglavian Collective’s…

12 User Submitted

The Music of New Eden: Ode to the Jukebox

YoMma 2019-12-07

Music has always been an important part of my life. Growing up, my dad was a DJ and had a vast music collection. Cases stacked on cases of CDs, shelves brimming with vinyl, every genre, every era. As long as…

2 Eve Online

EVE Online World First: No Daily Downtime

Dirk Stetille 2019-12-03

On Wednesday, December 4, EVE Online will hit an incredible achievement for the first time ever: there will be no daily downtime or server reboot. This was announced by CCP Explorer in a devblog late on December 2, where CCP…

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Breaking news – Locust Fleet Rorquals down to Dreadbomb

mistwarden 2019-12-01

Over 60 Rorquals died in Fountain today during an Imperium Locust Fleet, killed by a dreadbomb from PanFam and friends. INN has received claims taking credit from Olmeca Gold, Chossuh, and the recently-purged Pittsburgh2989. This is the first time an…

2 Review

Xbox Game Pass for PC: From Travesty to Triumph?

Chase Gamwell 2019-12-01

Swiss is an acquired taste for some, yet delicious to dedicated cheese lovers everywhere. Growing up, the giant holes in it always puzzled me. Why did it have holes? Were they good or bad? I never asked about the impact…

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Eve online Black Friday, buy now sell later event

mistwarden 2019-11-29

What has been tipped to be the hottest and most anticipated Black Friday sale in New Eden is here. CCP presents the ‘BUY now SELL later’ event, featuring PLEX and whatever else you have lying about your hanger. So, how…

0 Eve Online

Eve’s Most Deadly Killers: Daavid Cee

Art Vandolay 2019-11-28

An Eve Vegas presentation by Data Scientist CCP Larrikin highlighted pilots with the most kills between 2007 and 2019. As the scroll slowed to a stop, Eve’s current, most efficient killers were shown. This is the second in a series of articles…

13 Devblog

Hypernet Relay: lose all your ISK at Hyper-speed

mistwarden 2019-11-28

At EVE London, CCP informed us about something they called the ‘Hypernet Relay’. The update was to arrive on Singularity on November 27, and go live to TQ as of December 10. Hilmar described it as “something future forward […]…

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Streamfleet Take This-A-Thon: 50 hours of streaming for a good cause!

Rhivre 2019-11-27

Starting on Friday November 29 at 1800 UTC and running through to December 1 at 2200 UTC, our friends over at Streamfleet (the team behind the coverage of the Invasion World Tour) are running a 50 hour stream in aid…

0 Devblog

Invasion Chapter 2 Patch Notes, Rapid Fire Balance Update

Art Vandolay 2019-11-26

The Invasion Chapter 2 expansion release will find its way to Tranquility later today during an extended daily downtime on November 26, alongside the Team Talos Rapid Fire update. The cluster will go offline as usual at 11:00 UTC, and…

1 Devblog

Dev Blog: Shared Bookmarks based on Access Lists

Saphira Hawk 2019-11-23

So, it has finally happened, from the depths of CCPs list of promises which includes shield slaves and other failed or abandoned projects, Shared bookmarks managed to crawl out and somehow see a release date. The release date for these…

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EVE Vegas 2020: Under New Management

Dirk Stetille 2019-11-22

In August this year, CCP announced that the 2019 Invasion World Tour has opened their eyes to the opportunities of new locations. They get to meet more players, more new faces, and of course visit new locations on the company…