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CSM Metagame: Aryth Flips The Judge

Bill McDonough 2017-09-12

Members of the Imperium were greeted with a series of exultant pings tonight: (11:07:38 PM) directorbot: I want to smug. You are going to love this. I am the best CSM in history ~~~ This was a broadcast from aryth…

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Livethread: Initiative Fortizar in X-M2LR

Thel Ancora 2017-09-11

The Initiative Fortizar in X-M2LR is set to come out at 1930 Eve   1930- The fortizar has come out of reinforced mode. Initiative, the defenders, is on field with ravens and NC has brought titans and supers. 1934- A Psychotic Tendencies…

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Devblog: Lifeblood Alpha ship Balance details

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-09-11

When CCP unveiled their Lifeblood expansion, a small -not so small- detail was slightly overshadowed by the huge Moon mining, Refineries and reaction stuff: a rebalance of ships available for Alphas. They have released a devblog today going into a…

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EVE Lore: Where does Earth fit in?

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-09-10

Recently, I got a message from a newer player who was very interested in EVE’s lore. One of the questions that came up had to do with the various timelines of New Eden, and it got me thinking of where…

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CSM Minutes Released – Key Points Part I

Rhivre 2017-09-09

CCP released the minutes from the first CSM summit with CSM XII yesterday.  There is a lot to go through in the minutes, but Arrendis and I have dug through them and found what we think are the key points.  I…

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PanFam Drops A Raitaru in Provi, Provokes 121b loss Battle

Dan Cyr 2017-09-08

Reports came in to the INN News Desk earlier today about action in 3D-CQU involving PanFam and the Provi-bloc alliances with CVA at the helm. CVA did wind up destroying their target, but at a heavy cost. We got the…

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Dev Post: New vulnerability timer for structures

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-09-07

CCP Fozzie just released a short feature update on the Eve Online forums. The upcoming change consists of making all structures vulnerable for 15 minutes right after launching in space, before the 24h of anchoring process. Coming out in October with the…

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Dev Blog: Introducing the Resource Wars

FroggyStorm 2017-09-07

Introducing Resource Wars A new and interesting dev blog has come down the pipe for the upcoming “Life Blood” expansion. The teasers alluded to mining and pirate incursion type event sites in hi-sec. This dev blog gives a bit more…

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TEST Fortizar Beseiged in XWY-YM

Mintaki 2017-09-06

At 0200, a TEST citadel came out of anchoring in XWY-YM. Several sub-capital fleets of varying sizes were already in the system as the timer began, the majority of which intended to third-party on the expected battle, though that sub-capital exclusivity…

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Initiative Fortizar In X-M2LR Reinforced

Thel Ancora 2017-09-06

At 1930 in X-M2LR, Syndicate region, The Initiative Fortizar came out of reinforced for its armor timer. Mercenary Coalition and The Initiative have been fighting over this system for some time. The Northern Coalition fleet paused the Fortizar two minutes…

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Review: Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition

Ryan 2017-09-05

Before Warhammer 40k was first published some time in the late ‘80s, someone at Games Workshop took a look at its fantasy IP, and (I can only assume) asked “Why don’t these orcs and humans channel their rage towards each…

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Morning Stroll Through BMNV – Flawless Victory

Johnny Crowe 2017-09-04

The System BMNV-P is nestled nicely within the Syndicate region; the Initiative’s staging  system is right next door. It was attacked this morning by the Mercenary Coalition (MC). What looked like definitely a trap, too good to be true, turned…

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Review: Life Is Feudal: MMO

Gommel Nox 2017-09-04

My initial expectations for Life Is Feudal: MMO, I’ll admit, were pretty high after seeing the trailer and hearing about how servers can hold several times more players than the original Life Is Feudal: Your Own. Who could not be…

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SOUND THE HORDE HORN: Pandemic Horde Deploys to Curse

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-09-03

Pandemic Horde has accepted an official mercenary contract from the Drone Region Federation to attack Triumvirate space in the South. This marks a significant step for Horde, as it means they have been recognized by the greater EVE community as being…