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5 E3's Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Sony presentations News

E3 2018 Monday Roundup – Square Enix, Ubisoft, PC Gaming Show, and Sony

Chase Gamwell 2018-06-12

Art by Empanda. Day two of the pre-E3 press conferences started with Square Enix early in the morning, with Ubisoft, the PC Gaming Show, and Sony playing back to back throughout the rest of the day. The Square Enix Conference…

2 Bethesda and Microsoft's presentations before E3 2017 News

E3 2018 Weekend Roundup: Microsoft and Bethesda

Chase Gamwell 2018-06-11

Continuing on from our earlier coverage on E3 2018, Microsoft and Bethesda’s press conferences were full of big announcements. Both companies have made quite the splash this year, so let’s start by looking at… The Microsoft Press Conference This year,…

1 Taken from EA Press Conference Youtube Video News

E3 2018 Weekend Roundup: EA

Chase Gamwell 2018-06-11

E3 2018 is here, at last! For gamers, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is the most wonderful time of the year. It is an annual event where industry professionals come together to celebrate gaming, and reveal all of the latest and…

2 Eve Online

Welp Squad’s Havish Montak: “Still the best squad”

mistwarden 2018-06-10

This morning saw the destruction of 9 Rorquals, 6 Hulks, a Dominix and a responding carrier in the Outer Passage system of 2-84WC at the hands of Welp Squad. Over 50 billion ISK’s worth in ships were destroyed, with Welp…

5 Editorial

Saturday Night Swarm Introduces: Mind1

Dirk Stetille 2018-06-09

Header art by Empanada Saturday Night Swarm For those of you who are unaware, Saturday Night Swarm is a regular social event hosted by Karmafleet, and is open to any member of the Imperium. Typically beginning at 0200 EVE during…

0 Review

Humanizing Kratos

Chase Gamwell 2018-06-08

Art by Empanda. Note: Though this isn’t strictly a review of the new God of War game, it does contain spoilers for it and the previous games in the series. Consider yourself warned! With its opening moments, God of War…

0 User Submitted

An Evening of Eve

Roudin 2018-06-07

Art by Mintaki. Recently, I submitted an article regarding the new era of goon meets, and my evolving vision for getting fellow Imperium members out into the real world interacting with one another. I decided I wanted to highlight a…

0 Eve Online

Faction Fortizars: What are they worth?

Rhom Achensa 2018-06-06

Art by Smultar. Congratulations You’re now the proud owner of a faction Fortizar, CCP’s latest installation in sovereignty mechanics that replaces outposts and conquerable stations…But how much is it worth? As with any new addition to the Eve universe, there…

1 Eve Online

Faction Fortizar Deployment Extends Downtime

mistwarden 2018-06-05

Unless you’ve been docked up in a POS in the farthest reaches of wormhole space for the last six months, you’ve probably already heard about the major update coming to Eve Online at downtime on June 5. All player constructed…

1 Editorial

Leshak Logistics—Stacking Up Against The Nestor

Bill McDonough 2018-06-04

With the release of Into the Abyss on May 29, CCP has introduced three new hulls to the game. They are the Triglavian ships: the Damavik frigate, Vedmak cruiser, and Leshak battleship. They’re interesting ships. They look different, and they…

41 Eve Online

2018 CSM 13 Elections Begin Today!

Paramemetic 2018-06-04

Elections for the 13th Council of Stellar Management opened today, June 4, and will continue until noon on June 11. All Omega clones are eligible to vote in the elections, which will determine members of the CSM for the next…

0 Science

Space News Update June 2018: Alien Asteroids and MarsCopter!

Rhiannon Williams 2018-06-02

Header Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech This time spacefans we have an alien! Ok it’s an asteroid, but anyway ANCIENT ALIEN ASTEROID There are many asteroids in the Solar system, they are not all equal however. After the recent visit by Oumuamua…

1 Eve Online

Abyssal Deadspace AMA and Drone Developments

JuriusDoctor 2018-06-02

The release of Into the Abyss has seen some exciting and potentially player-changing developments. Not ones to be tentative, or outdone, EVE players have skipped wading into the Abyss and have taken a running cannonball into the deep end. The…

2 Eve Online

Vanquisher down in HD-JVQ on a stargate

mistwarden 2018-06-01

Reports are coming in of a Vanquisher class titan piloted by Rekrab Sivart of RED that has been destroyed in the HD-JVQ system on the MT02-2 gate. This is only the second Vanquisher to have been destroyed. Early reports…