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Legacy on the Offensive in their war on WinterCo

mistwarden 2019-04-06

On April 4, ProGodLegend posted on the TEST Alliance forums, announcing a war against Winter Coalition. Legacy and Winter have been trying to negotiate a cease-fire ever since the slightly premature end of a Non-Invasion Pact roughly two and a…

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When saving the Rorqual goes wrong—379b lost in Fountain

Macky Avelli 2019-04-06

What may have seemed like a fairly routine “Rorqual-damsel-in-distress” situation wound up being a bit of a disaster as the rescuing parties lost ships to the tune of 379b to a Pandemic Horde / WE FORM V0LTA dreadbomb. Though Fountain…

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INN Outage: A Message From The Editor-in-Chief

Rhivre 2019-04-05

So, for the last week you may have noticed that we have been offline.  This was not due to any alcohol related trips over server power cables or anything like that. On Sunday March 31, around mid afternoon UTC, we…

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It’s (Not) War

mistwarden 2019-03-30

On Saturday, 30 March, The Mittani addressed the Imperium on the weekly Fireside Chat and Meta Show to announce that the Imperium was not going to war in the Drone Regions of The Spire, but major activity began in the…

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Real-Life Asteroid Mining: Is It Feasible?

JMoravia 2019-03-30

Art by Redline XIII Asteroid mining is a sci-fi staple, right alongside faster-than-light travel, directed-energy weapons, and deflector shields. Tales of the earth’s demise may be premature, but prominent scientists are warning that we may run out of certain usable materials…

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Hard Knocks and Allies vs Holesale

General Thade 2019-03-29

On March 27 a combined force of Hard Knocks, Lazerhawks, and No Vacancies (along with several smaller groups) reinforced multiple Holesale Operations’ structures in their home C2 system of J125923. The attackers brought an eviction force consisting of the all-too-familiar…

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Evesterdam 2019: A Retrospective

Dirk Stetille 2019-03-28

So, Evesterdam 2019 has come and gone, and what a fantastic time it was too. More than 350 players and developers all got together in Amsterdam to eat, drink (or smoke), discuss EVE Online, and just generally have a great…

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EVEsterdam: Updates and Announcements

Erick Asmock 2019-03-28

This year’s EVE Invasion World Tour kicked off this weekend with EVEsterdam. It opened with a keynote that was best characterized as subdued. Part of that, no doubt, stemmed from this being the final public event for CCP Guard. We were, however,…

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A Path to Dominance: Test Alliance Please Ignore

JMoravia 2019-03-26

Few people would dispute that New Eden’s current leader in military and economic strength is Goonswarm Federation, but how could another group take that crown?  In the series A Path to Dominance, INN examines some of the major corporations and…

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NOT An Anthem Review

Chase Gamwell 2019-03-24

I had so much fun with Anthem beta, that this was supposed to be a full review of the game. It isn’t. There’s a lot to like about Bioware’s latest title, but in the days leading up to release, the…

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The Discourse Reports Possible Triglavian Shipyards and Communication

Bill McDonough 2019-03-23

The Discourse, a series from the player-run Arataka Research Consortium (ARC), has released a new episode dealing with new discoveries in Abyssal Deadspace. In this episode, ArctiveVoice and Shef Rostov document something they believe to be Triglavian capital shipyards in…

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Aether Engine Mass Test

Erick Asmock 2019-03-21

Dubbed Aether Wars by CCP and Hadean, the maker of the Aether Engine, was about to debut. With a hefty target of 10,000 concurrent players, we all waited for the servers to open up access. Would this be the glorious…

7 Google announced Stadia, a game streaming service. News

Stadia, Google’s new game streaming service

Chase Gamwell 2019-03-20

On March 18, Google unveiled a new service that, if successful, is poised to rock the world of gaming to its very core. The service, named Stadia, aims to stream AAA video game content to any device capable of running…

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Analysis: Spring Update Nerfs FAX, Capital Balance, and PVE

Guilford Australis 2019-03-18

CCP announced on Wednesday, March 13 a forthcoming balance update that will reduce the effectiveness of many popular ship types, make some easier to kill, and lower the insurance payouts on others. The largest changes will affect capital ships –…