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Good Sax Keepstar Dies to TEST

mistwarden 2020-01-21

Early on January 20, in the system of 37S-KO in the Stain region, the effective might of Test Alliance Please Ignore’s (TAPI) titan fleet was demonstrated with the destruction of a Keepstar owned by Good Sax Roads and Malls Dept….

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Talos Speaks: CCP’s Masterplan

Dirk Stetille 2020-01-17

Just to be clear, we talked to Team Talos member CCP Masterplan. We didn’t get CCP’s master plan. We’re good, but we’re not gods here, folks. So Arrendis and I sat down with CCP Masterplan to talk about the team…

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Brawl for Bushfires—Player-Run Event for PLEX4GOOD

Rhivre 2020-01-16

As part of the PLEX4GOOD for the Australian bushfires, a group of AUTZ players from around New Eden have gotten together to organise a brawl to raise PLEX for  the event. Organised by Chiimera (Goonswarm), Fawlty7 (Tikle), Sort Dragon (Darkness),…

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Tenal Gets Lit Up By NCPL Assault

mistwarden 2020-01-14

AKA: The nut cracks. Early on Sunday, January 12, the joint forces of Northern Coalition(dot) and Pandemic Legion (supported by Pandemic Horde) took a trip into Tenal to contest three Infrastructure Hub (iHub) timers as part of a months-long effort…

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CCP’s 2019 Changes and Team Talos

Art Vandolay 2020-01-11

Eve Online Community Developer CCP Convict recently posed an important question to Capsuleers: How are you feeling about EVE right now? Convict is inquiring about how CCP has performed over the last year, and in particular the last three months. CCP’s…

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PLEX For GOOD, Sisi goes V.I.P., Delayed Update, and Yeet That Fleet

mistwarden 2020-01-09

On January 8, CCP released a number of news updates on topics including PLEX for GOOD, this year’s plans for CCP, and a change in status for Singularity. Here’s a quick break down. PLEX For GOOD PLEX for GOOD is…

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How Could CCP Regain The Community’s Trust in 2020?

Jin'taan 2020-01-07

I don’t believe it would be a controversial statement to say that 2019 was a tumultuous year for EVE Online. Late on January 2, CCP Convict seemed to reinforce this attitude by taking to the r/eve subreddit to openly probe…

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Invasion Tournament: Finalists Head to Fanfest

Art Vandolay 2020-01-03

The Eve Online Invasion World Tour has ended but has set the scene for a tournament of champions gathered from around the globe at this year’s Fanfest. Signature to each Tour location was the Invasion Tournament Series, an arena-style 2v2…

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Devblog: Your Year In Eve

Rhivre 2019-12-30

CCP have released a devblog to close out the year, announcing that they have created a “Your Year in Eve” video for all players who have had at least one month of Omega subscription during 2019. Emails with a link…

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EVE Online 2019 Recap | January to June

Jin'taan 2019-12-27

So, with the year drawing to a close, this is normally the time I’d sit down with my colleagues to chat about the goings on in the year and bandy about the normal topics: Who did the most to change…

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EVE’s Addictive Risks and Rewards

Susurrus Synaesthesia 2019-12-24

After a particularly bad day, with a grand total of 4.6b ISK lost, I briefly wondered why the hell I play this stupid game. But that wonder was short lived. I know exactly why I play EVE. I doubt that the…

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Devblog: First steps in Resource shakeup

Rhivre 2019-12-22

On December 20, just before everyone headed off for their Christmas break, CCP finally answered the question that has been bouncing around New Eden this week: “Are the anomaly changes in Null-Sec a feature or a bug?” A devblog was…

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Breaking News: HyperNet Gifts for Some?

mistwarden 2019-12-18

On Tuesday, December 10, CCP launched the HyperNet Relay as part of the Free Market release. The HyperNet immediately received attention due to some high-value raffles, such as bluemelon’s Raven State Issue raffle. However, the HyperNet Relay has also been…

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CCP Dev Gameplay Rules Loosened

Saphira Hawk 2019-12-16

CCP has lifted restrictions on its employees openly playing the game, according to a new policy, first announced at EVE London. The game developer has long been criticized for not playing their own game, and according to players that’s one…