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HACs Are Broken. . . Aren’t They?

Bill McDonough 2021-07-06

We hear it all the time. In fact, we hear it so much that we accept it as true. The Heavy Assault Cruiser meta is broken. And so, Heavy Assault Cruisers themselves are broken. Unfortunately, this is both right and…

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World War Bee: Week 52

Ban Syrin 2021-07-05

Week 52 of World War Bee was up slightly from the nadir of week 51, with 17 total hostile actions reported, the lowest of the nearly year-long war. Delve and its environs were home to most of the action. [Editor’s Note:…

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World War Bee: One Year of War

Moomin Amatin 2021-07-05

One year ago, officially July 5, 2020, saw the commencement of World War Bee. The collected forces of 103 alliances formed a mega-coalition – at the behest of member coalition, Legacy – a mega-coalition that would later be known as…

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Beyond The Titan

Elthar Nox 2021-07-04

There is uproar in the EVE community. Adverts targeting new players appear to be the straw that has broken the camels back, and a storm of angst has erupted against CCP and the game itself. As EVE Online celebrates 18…

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Abyssal Proving Grounds: Remember Party!

Gustav mannfred 2021-07-03

On July 14, 2020, the old Abyssal Proving Grounds, that were accessible through Abyssal deadspace filaments, were taken away with the introduction of the proving ground filaments. But not everyone was happy with the old arena going away. To clarify,…

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TIKLE Merge Into The Initiative

Elthar Nox 2021-07-02

Tactical Supremacy has closed its doors. A major AUTZ alliance, TIKLE was founded in 2015 by Fawlty7 upon his departure from Eternity INC. With the closure, three of TIKLE’s corporations, Kraken Exploration and Janitorial Services, 420 Enterprises., and Tactically Challenged,…

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Cherrypickers Must Die

Elthar Nox 2021-07-02

Cherrypicking is the worst thing in EVE Online. This is a rant, so hold on to your analysers. The method of using a cargo scanner during exploration is a despicable act – it has repercussions that spread far further than…

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Battle Report: Booshed Into The Blender

Elthar Nox 2021-07-01

PAPI experimented with their new booshing doctrine last night, June 30, in 3-D, proving one thing: the Imperium’s woodchipper still works effectively. Forming in USTZ under Hedliner and Sandrin Stone, the two fleets were comprised of the Magus Command Destroyer…

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BlackOps are for Killers: CCP Should Double Down

Undeadenemy 2021-07-01

I recently gave the new BlackOps changes a whirl on Singularity, and I have to say, I really like where CCP is going with this. These changes show the Killer player-type some much needed love in a game that once…

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Containment Breach: Grand Theft Astra

Elthar Nox 2021-06-30

In a hilarious turn of events, The Imperium broke out from their containment to kill a Legacy Astrahaus that dropped over 200bn ISK in loot. Broadcasted live on Merkelchen’s RampageInc Twitch, 19 pilots in bombers killed an uncontested abandoned citadel…

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Horde’s Town Hall, June 27

Elthar Nox 2021-06-29

If you were expecting to be bored, you won’t be disappointed. Pandemic Horde leader Gobbins hosted a Coalition Town Hall on Saturday, June 27. This came amongst rising unrest from the player base, rapidly shrinking numbers in PAPI, and the…

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“Git Gud”: Reframing Goon Identity

Seir Luciel 2021-06-28

When Goons first entered the game, “the veterans of EVE Online laughed at the naivety of this swarming pack of new players in terrible ships” writes Andrew Groen. “Goonfleet embraced this idea, and co-opted the idea of the ‘swarm’ for its own self-image. Its pilots adopted the mascot of a chubby, cigar-smoking bumblebee wearing a World War 1-era German helmet, which they appropriately named “Fat Bee.” Their battlecry: “We’re terrible at this game!”

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Git Gud: Reframing the Delve Miracle

Gray Doc 2021-06-28

One of PAPI’s casus belli for the current war included the idea that the Imperium had just gotten too big and too powerful, and hence, all other groups needed to band together to take down the “top dog.” For the good of the whole game, of course. These claims are false, at least for Legacy and I won’t belabor that point. But, for the other members of PAPI, that war justification might have some legs, so let’s look at exactly what caused “the Delve Miracle” that led to Goons being so far ahead in economic and military power.

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World War Bee: Week 51

Ban Syrin 2021-06-28

Week 51 of World War Bee was down again from the already slow week 50, with 12 total hostile actions reported, the lowest of the nearly year-long war. Delve and its environs were home to most of the action. [Editor’s Note:…