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Goonswarm Federation Declares War Against Mogul Financial

mistwarden 2019-06-15

While there’s a war that might not be a war going on in the north, a whole new front has opened up in high-sec space as Goonswarm declare war on Eve-Mogul. Who are Mogul and what do they do? Eve-Mogul’s website…

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Breaking News – SH1 being evacuated

Moomin Amatin 2019-06-14

In a move that will likely surprise no one PanFam seem to be evacuating assets from their front line staging system of SH1. Signs of such a move were already spotted earlier in the week, including unusual capital movements from…

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2019 CSM Election Official Ballot (Official)

Paramemetic 2019-06-14

Another year has ticked by so quickly! Spring has sprung, the Imperium is burning down some Northern backwater, and, as surely as the Delve Time Unit rises, the CSM elections are upon us.  As all diligent goons and Imperium allies…

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E3 2019 – Nintendo

Chase Gamwell 2019-06-14

Nintendo ran the last conference of E3, and as usual it was a tight show that managed to stuff a ton of gaming content into only 40 minutes! Nintendo’s relentless march of back-to-back trailers cuts to the quick of all…

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Imperium vs PanFam: A Week Of War – Part 3

Moomin Amatin 2019-06-13

Welcome to the round up for the third week of war between The Imperium and PanFam. If you want the full reports from previous weeks you can find them here (Part 1)  and here (Part 2). Before diving into the…

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E3 2019 – PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, and Square Enix

Chase Gamwell 2019-06-12

Monday was a busy day at E3. The PC Gaming Show sprinted through a bevy of games, Ubisoft knocked it out of the park with a few high-profile offerings, and Square Enix wowed with some info about the Final Fantasy…

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PanFam lose 2 Keepstars

Moomin Amatin 2019-06-11

The assault by the Imperium on the holdings of PanFam (PL, NCDot and PH) in the region of Tribute continue at pace. A little after 06:00 on the 11th of June the Imperium started to stir. Meetings were held in…

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E3 2019 – Microsoft and Bethesda

Chase Gamwell 2019-06-11

Yesterday, I said that EA’s live stream set the tone for E3 2019. I was so wrong. Today, Microsoft and Bethesda went the extra mile to knock our socks off. Microsoft I’ve always been a Sony fan. I buy their…

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CSM 14 Interviews – Cornak Firefist & Cable Uta

Jin'taan 2019-06-09

With voting opening on Monday, it comes time to draw this interview series to a close and let you choose who best fits your own personal requirements of a candidate. If you wish to listen to all of them in…

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E3 2019 – EA Kicks it off with a lackluster livestream

Chase Gamwell 2019-06-09

It’s my favorite time of the year again! E3 is the week where all of the games are teased with shiny trailers and bits of gameplay. Every year, it happens earlier and earlier, and this year is no exception with…

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A Return to the Deep – Subnautica Below Zero Preview

Chase Gamwell 2019-06-09

After a few hours in an Arctic sea, an old saying popped into my head – lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Subnautica Below Zero has everything the first game does, and the developers are working to add…

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CSM 14 Interviews – Stitch Kaneland & Matthew Dust

Jin'taan 2019-06-08

It’s the weekend before voting opens, so it’s time for the penultimate interview set to help you pick the best candidates for you to support in the upcoming election. Last time we spoke to two players with non-traditional takes on…

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FC What Do? An Interview with Giribaldi

JMoravia 2019-06-08

I have no idea what percentage of EVE’s player base will ever lead a fleet in combat against hostile players. I would bet it’s less than 1% and might even be less than 0.1% (one player out of every thousand)….

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CSM 14 Interviews – Olmeca Gold & Jurius Doctor

Jin'taan 2019-06-06

There’s only 4 days left before the polls open on June the 10th, and as you should have seen from my previous interviews, I’m trying to cast a wide net and get the thoughts of a wide array of candidates….