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Of Sudden Keepstars: FEDUP and the Great Western War

Quendan 2018-08-05

“We learned about the Keepstar in our space on Reddit, same as everyone else.”, says Federation Uprising (FEDUP) XO Silver Suspiria, when we got together last week. Federation Uprising is one of the more interesting participants in the Great Western…

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Imperium News Network Launching FatBee_TV

LifeshifterX 2018-08-04

Imperium News Network’s New Gaming Variety Channel Goes Live on August 10 Imperium News Network’s twitch channel is the premier source of EVE-related streaming content, like The Meta Show, Talking in Stations, The Open Comms Show, and Push to Talk….

3 Science

Space News Update August 2018: Lake on Mars, and Space Telescopes

Rhiannon Williams 2018-08-04

It’s been another busy month spacefans. After last month’s revelations around Enceladus, which never fails to entertain, Mars has of course provide even more fun news and where the heck is our new space telescope? SUBSURFACE LAKE DISCOVERED ON MARS…

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X47L-Q Keepstar Fight: 24 Hours Later

JMoravia 2018-08-03

There is no such thing as hyperbole when referring to the fight over Northern Coalition.’s staging Keepstar in the system of X47L-Q. PC Gamer magazine reported it as “the biggest battle in EVE Online’s entire history.” The fight itself was so…

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Imperium Savings and Loan

Roudin 2018-08-03

“Pay up, or I’ll break the spinners on your Erebus.” That may not be how it actually goes, but in the Member Contracts section of the Goonswarm forum Imperium members engage regularly in loan services. With the next bloc war…

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NetEase to Oversee Serenity Server

Savvy Kneel 2018-08-02

On Wednesday, INN reported on CCP’s decision to terminate its relationship with distributor Tiancity for oversight of the Serenity server, noting the vagueness in CCP’s statements about Serenity’s future. In a follow-on Dev Blog, CCP has now clarified some of that seeming…

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Breaking News: Keepstar Armor Timer X47L-Q

Rhivre 2018-08-01

The NC. Keepstar in X47L-Q that was reinforced July 31 has just come into armor vulnerability. Despite the earlier server problems caused by a DDOS, a large number of pilots from both sides have managed to make their way to…

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DevBlog: Serenity Distributor Transition

Savvy Kneel 2018-08-01

In a bi-lingual DevBlog on Tuesday, CCP announced the end of its six-year partnership with Chinese distributor Tiancity for maintenance of the Serenity server. While CCP stated that “Tiancity and CCP have collaborated to deliver the best experience possible for our Chinese…

2 Eve Online

Alliance Tournament XVI: Day Two Recap and Mid-Week Review

Paramemetic 2018-08-01

Last Sunday, July 29, saw the second round of the Alliance Tournament, and a reversal of a great many fortunes from Saturday’s first round. Round 2 also gave us the first appearance of previously winning teams that received byes as…

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NCdot Keepstar Reinforced in Pure Blind

Savvy Kneel 2018-08-01

In the early morning hours of July 31, Imperium forces put a Northern Coalition Keepstar in X47L-Q into reinforcement. The system is a gateway from NPC Pure Blind into Northern Coalition territory, and has changed hands several times recently since…

4 Propaganda

Your Minute of Truth: Road to War Edition

Paramemetic 2018-07-31

The Ministry of Truth is the Imperium’s official propaganda organ, dedicated to the creation, promotion, and preservation of our greatest cultural treasures. Together, we work to advocate for the Imperium’s deepest and most cherished values; precious works of art by…

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Citadels Fall Across North as Great Western War Rages

JMoravia 2018-07-30

As the conclusion of a week that saw Imperial Legacy take out not one but two Keepstars, the Imperium fielded a series of Sunday fleets that saw them down three recently anchored Astrahuses owned by Circle-Of-Two, and also putting French ConneXion’s staging…

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Revisiting No Man’s Sky

pmals 2018-07-29

Or, A Historiographic Account of Structural Tendencies in No Man’s Sky: Deconstructing the Retroactive Improvement Vectors in Hello Games’ Meta-Design Process No Man’s Sky was one of the most overhyped failures of its time, eliciting reactions ranging from death threats…

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Alliance Tournament XVI: First Day Round Up

Dirk Stetille 2018-07-29

Alliance Tournament Sixteen started yesterday, July 28, and as we predicted, it was an explosive day in the arenas. 46 alliances fought for slots in the winners bracket of this AT, and 23 victors emerged, each winning 10 Triglavian Victory…