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1 Eve Online

Best of Us Organizes Veteran’s Day Roam This Weekend

Erick Asmock 2017-11-10

At the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, the fighting ended. In the hours leading up to that moment, men up and down trench lines across the Western Front of what many called “The War to…

6 User Submitted

EVE Online Lifeblood Expansion

Submission 2017-11-09

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted to us by Ghost Negotiator. EVE Online Lifeblood has recently been released on the Tranquility servers. This expansion has several new features including the long awaited moon mining revamp. When it comes to EVE…

3 News

Curse Fortizar Battle: Unorthodox Strategies in Action

Ketriaava 2017-11-09

Earlier today, a Fortizar belonging to Freedom Among the Stars entered the vulnerability timer for its Armor section in the Curse system of XX9-WV. Forces from Imperium (Goonswarm, Initiative, and TNT), Hard Dr0p, and other small groups arrived to the…

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Anger Games 3 Cancelled – For Now

Rhivre 2017-11-08

Anger Games 3 was scheduled to take start this weekend, and run for two weekends, with 18 teams taking part. Due to the recent changes at CCP, the Thunderdome server that the Anger Games take place on was left with…

6 Editorial

The Transcredible Exploits of Genji Kawakami: Never Not Blitz

Johnny Crowe 2017-11-08

“And now, The Transcredible Exploits of Genji Kawakami. Brought to you by Quafe Ultra” Two days, four and a half billion ISK to go. I had recently been pinned Luminaire General, but the new rank wasn’t as much of a victory…

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PSA: New Launcher Arrives Tomorrow

Rhivre 2017-11-07

CCP Falcon announced today via a news post that the Eve Launcher is going to be updated tomorrow. It will be a streamlined, and more efficient launcher, which should reduce load on PCs for launchers with a lot of accounts. Other…

8 Eve Online

EVE Meetups – To Go or Not to Go

Erick Asmock 2017-11-07

TL;DR: GO! As for the too long part, read on. If you are like me you have people you call friends. Some of those are people you see every so often. The point is you see them and have what some…

4 Eve Online

Evesterdam – Brief Retrospective

Rhivre 2017-11-06

This last weekend, hundreds of eve players descended on Amsterdam for the 5th annual EVEsterdam event, organised by Diedra Vaal. As I have just said farewell to the last stragglers at the airport and boarded my flight home, it seemed…

3 Science

Space News Update – November 2017

Rhiannon Williams 2017-11-05

This time spacefans we’re doing a jigsaw puzzle with the young Mars and the young Earth to help us see beneath… MARS MAY WELL HAVE HAD THE SAME OCEANS AS THE EARLY EARTH Deep sea hydrothermal vents have long been…

2 Streaming

Tools and Resources: Advice for new Content Creators

JuriusDoctor 2017-11-04

YouTube is addicting, but creating content for the site is even more rewarding. It is, however, a lot of work. Knowing where to get started – both with tools and setup, but also with techniques and approach – can be…

14 Eve Online

CCP Shelves VR: An In-Depth Look

David Matterall 2017-11-04

Despite the headlines found on gaming websites, you cannot find an official announcement of CCP leaving the virtual reality field on their website. To look at it the company’s profile on the web, it is still all about VR. The…

0 Eve Online

PSA: Self-destruct might not be able to be cancelled.

Stephanie Daugherty 2017-11-03

CCP today released an advisory today regarding a known bug – the self-destruct function is reportedly not able to be cancelled in the last 10 seconds of the timer. Those playing chicken with their self destruct timer would be well…

3 Eve Online

Goon Insider: Minokawa Down

Lekly 2017-11-03

Setup and Sacrifice Another Friday brought another trip up to the north for the Imperium’s USTZ late night fun fleet. Thomas Lear called for hurricanes and was rewarded with a respectable fleet that was ready for a fight. After taking…

17 Eve Online

Devblog: New Alpha Clone Rules Released

FroggyStorm 2017-11-02

Earlier Team Size Matters dropped the details on the proposed new alpaca capabilities and limitations. While far from the biggest item put out at Eve Vegas, the updated Alpha did cause a bit of a stir by giving them far…