Overload This Vs Lazerhawks – 62 Billion ISK Lost


In wormhole space April 5, 2016 at 21:40 EVE Time in J145846 (C5 No Effect), Overload This (HEATD) engaged Lazerhawks (LZHX). The one-hour brawl resulted in a loss of 46 billion ISK worth of ships for Lazerhawks and 16 billion ISK of ships for Overload This.

Overload This fielded 32 ships including two carriers (Archons), one Naglfar, one Nestor, five Bhaalgorns and a predominanty T3 cruiser subcap fleet. Lazerhawks fielded 29 including two dreads (Naglfar and Phoenix), one carrier (Nidhoggur), one Nestor, five Bhaalgorns and similar T3 cruiser fleet. Fleet Commander on The HEATD side was Xtrah and on the Lazerhawk side was La loca Fappuccino and Hidden Fremen.

Overload This vs Lazerhawks (62b killed)

The Battle

TMC spoke to carrier pilots, including Faye Fantastic (alternate account Oboozie in the carrier) from Overload This and Robby Godfather from Lazerhawks, to get the story of the fight.

A connection was found between HEATD and LZHX home wormholes. This happened to be a C5 no effect wormhole and would make a perfect stage for a neutral fight. Neither would have a home field advantage or an advantage due to wormhole effect. “Both corporations had been itching to test the other out,” reports Faye Fantastic.

Overload This chose to run with a duel carrier/single dread set up whereas Lazerhawks chose a single carrier/ dual dread set up. Robby Godfather commented “we don’t use double triage because no one will fight that if we do, it’s just too strong. We brought the triage instead of subcap logi so we can have enough people in other roles like support and dps (one pilot instead of six to ten to keep the fleet alive).”

The fight started with the Overload This Naglfar of Larisma going down under the pressure of Bhaalgorn neuts and the Lazerhawk dreadnoughts. “We lost half our dps from the fleet with the Naglfar loss,” reports Faye Fantastic. “Though we lost our Naglfar it had done its job of forcing the Lazerhawk carrier into a tank fit. Which meant it had to drop its capacitor recharge rate. Our Bhaalgorns were also working on him which meant they had no means to repair.”

During the start of the battle, HEATD pilot Nameless Capsuleer had successfully bumped the Lazerhawk Nestor out of range of his capitals which hampered their ability to refit. “Well, one of the biggest issues (from my perspective) was that our Nestor didn’t keep in refit range of me – I couldn’t change my mods,” said Robby Godfather. “I went in with a buffer fit to buy enough time to kill the enemy dread, unfortunately once it died I wasn’t able to refit to regen fit because of the Nestor being further than five kilometers. So my cap slowly went down, eventually reaching zero percent. At that time, I was able to pulse some reps every now and then, buying some time for our fleet. It stopped when our armour links went down though (they reduce cap cost of remote reps), after they went down I wasn’t regaining enough cap between neut cycles to pulse reps.” Lazerhawks subsequently lost all their Bhaalgorns, Nestor and were steadily losing cruisers.

Robby Godfather commented “we switched to one of their Archons in a desperate attempt and it worked (only because the archon pilot f* up).” What happened was that the Archon of Adedaughtus went into triage at the wrong time. This proved to be a fatal mistake, and HEATD lost one of their two Archons.

Faye Fantastic explained what happened.

“The way you do the dual triage. You stagger it. You have your first triage pilot go into triage and then when he is halfway through a cycle it stops repping other people and starts focusing on staying alive itself. Then the other carrier goes in. The first comes out of triage when the second is in, the second then caps up the first one. And so on and so forth. What happened is, he had come out of triage and had fit full cap fit. He had then come under fire. Since he was full cap fit, he was taking a lot of damage from the dreads. There was a miscommunication- he thought I couldn’t keep him up, so he went back into triage rather than fitting hardeners. This lead to the loss of his carrier.”

At this stage of the fight, Lazerhawks still had their two dreads and carrier. Overload This had lost a dread and carrier. A tense engagement occurred with Overload This focusing on a Lazerhawks Naglfar and Lazerhawks putting full pressure on the remaining Archon. The Naglfar went down as the Archon slid into 42% hull. Robby Godfather reports “[the Phoenix] pilot had to reload his missiles when the Archon entered deep structure.” The ten second reload arguably might have saved the carrier. Faye Fantastic also reported that it was a very difficult time as he had popped a strong mindflood before the fight, which had given him a 25% local armor repair penalty.

Faye Fantastic remarked “Those two dread pilots were some of the best dread pilots I have ever faced. They swapped damaged types constantly. Whenever I saw they were shooting into my explosive hole, I’d refit to explosive resists. Little later they would be reloading ammo type and shooting me in my new lowest resist. That’s why you see me dropping so rapidly as they find my weakest resist. I’ve never had to refit so much. They did it really well.”

During this time, the Nidhoggur of Robby Godfather regained cap and was able to provide repairs. “As my triage cycle was getting near end,” recalled Robby “I called for three legions to get on top of me and fit energy transfers from my fleet hangar once I was out of triage I called for them to heat all the energy transfers and put them on me in an attempt to get my cap closer to peak regen – it worked wonders, once my cap got above 10% it started regening like crazy and I reached like 50-60% went into triage again and started repping the fleet.  I had enough regen to keep my cap above 30% against five bhaals while repping the fleet.”

Overload This refocused energy neutralizers and damage onto the Nidhoggur and were eventually able to break him. Once the Nidhoggur was down, the fight was won for Overload This. It was just a matter of tackling subcaps and destroying the remaining Phoenix.

Good fight, Over Load This and Lazerhawks. It was an exciting battle that could have gone either way and a brilliant show of high level wormhole PvP. “We owe Lazerhawks one in their home wormhole,” says Faye Fantastic. We look forward to seeing the result of the fight.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Cerussite.

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