December Streamer of the Month – KidTutu


INN’s December Streamer of the Month has been chosen, with over 100 votes taking the prize! INN debuted the Streamer of the Month contest in October to help identify and support its gaming streamers on Twitch. We spoke to our winner, KidTutu who had this to say.

INN: First of all, congratulations. Can you tell us who you are?

KidTutu: Hello everyone! My name is Khoury Williams but in the online world I go by KidTutu (formerly known as CaptainTutu). I’m a full-time student majoring within business/marketing and I have a part-time job with Amazon. In my free-time I’m often playing video games and streaming. I would consider myself to be a variety streamer with a big focus on multiplayer gaming and having open discussions.

INN: How long have you been streaming?

KidTutu: I have actually been streaming on and off since 2014 but started taking it seriously three years ago.

INN: What inspired you to become a streamer?

KidTutu: I have always loved the idea of connecting with people online and sharing experiences; whether that’s through social media, blogging, or gaming. I was a longtime viewer on Twitch before I eventually had the opportunity to share my own experiences with people in real-time.

INN: How did you get into streaming?

KidTutu: I first started streaming soon after it became available on the PS4 and Xbox One. At the time, most of my friends went from consoles to PC gaming, so a year later I saved up money to buy a gaming PC and now here I am!

INN: What are your future plans for streaming on your own channel?

KidTutu: Besides partnership, my ultimate goal with streaming is to create an indistinguishable brand that stretches beyond KidTutu, and to connect with an audience of viewers and streamers around the world.

INN: What games/content do you like to stream for the INN audience?

KidTutu: I mostly like to keep it consistent with the content I stream on my channel (Red Dead Redemption 2, Warframe, Nintendo games, etc.) but I also look at FatBee_TV as an opportunity to introduce other games & activities that I don’t usually stream.

INN: What advice would you give to future streamers/content creators?

KidTutu: Stream whatever your heart desires, just be consistent, network, and communicate with your audience as often as you can. Most importantly, find a branding that’s unique to you. It’s okay to take inspiration but make sure you don’t outright copy. Standout out from the crowd and don’t blend into it.

INN: Tell us when we can find you on Twitch?

KidTutu: Due to school and work my schedule changes accordingly every few months, but you can always find that information on my social links down below.

INN: How can the audience find you on social media?

KidTutu: Twitch | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Be sure to check out KidTutu all month long as the featured Streamer of the Month on his channels and Also FatBee_TV!

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