NBW-GD Capital Brawl: GWCS vs B0SS/DIVE/BADI


Some fights happen for money, some for Sov, and still others for various strategic objectives.
Some fights happen for no reason at all.

According to sources in GWCS (Great Wildlands Conservation Society, a coalition of forces residing around the eponymous Great Wildlands region) and B0SS/DIVE/BADI, a gang of carriers on a roam sparked a fight with B/D/B on a gate in Malpais.

A small capital group was initially deployed into the system, followed by a larger-scale dreadbomb of 26-plus. As the main carrier group was destroyed, GWCS counter-bombed – and in a surprising upset, a mere 15 dreads took down considerably larger numbers before finally being whittled down by additional reinforcements.

The battle report, which can be viewed here, is sharply even.
Various amusing kills have also been found sifting in the aftermath including a dreadnought that seems to have primaried his own allies due to a -5.0 security status and a rigless blops.

In a galaxy currently consumed by wars across nearly all space, it is encouraging to see fights brew over a lack of objectives – showing that EVE continues to host the ability to spark a fight anytime, anywhere.

A video of the fight can be seen here:

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  • Johnny Crowe

    That fight looks super legit. Love the article.

    August 13, 2017 at 11:00 AM