Module Tiericide Coming This Winter


The ongoing project of Module Tiericide is an attempt to replace the meta-based module system with a new role-based system. Rather than a linear meta-level progression of power, the named modules will now offer a specialized role in their module group. Last week, the next two module groups that will undergo these tiericide changes with the next winter release. This was announced by CCP Larrikin of Team Five-0, who wrote about the changes that will affect the Energy Neutralizer and Nosferatu module groups, and the Warp Disruption Field Generator module group.

With the changes coming to the Warp Disruption Field Generators, plenty of diversity and range is shown for the module group. The Pitfall Compact variation will provide easier fitting, the Clutch Restrained will provide a lessened Thrust, and Velocity penalty, and lastly, the M-36 Enduring will allow for better cap life on the fitted ship. Two new faction variations will be added as well, giving even greater options to those willing to spend the ISK/LP. Diversity is not the only change to affect this module group, as scripted Warp Disruption Field Generators will be able to scramble their target, disabling their MJDs and MWDs.

The changes coming to the Energy Neutralizer and Nosferatu module group involve not only a reclassification of the existing named metas, but the addition of falloff. The addition of Effectiveness Falloff to these modules will follow the same current formula used by guns for calculating effectiveness. According to the dev post by CCP Larrikin, it is as follows:

  • At 100% Optimal + 0% Falloff = 100% Effectiveness
  • At 100% Optimal + 100% Falloff = 50% Effectiveness
  • At 100% Optimal + 200% Falloff = 6% Effectiveness

All ships currently receiving a bonus to Neut/Nos Optimal Range will now be receiving a second half-strength bonus to Falloff. CCP Larrikin used the Sentinel as an example:

Current Bonus:

  • 80% bonus to Energy Vampire and Energy Neutralizer Range

After the patch :

  • 80% bonus to Energy Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer transfer optimal range
  • 40% bonus to Energy Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer transfer falloff range

A complete list of the changes to the Nosferatu module group and Energy Neutralizer group can be found by following the links to the provided Google Docs.

The on-going efforts of the Module Tiericide project continue to bring exciting new fitting options, and a greater variety of choice for capsuleers of all skill levels. As always, CCP welcomes your feedback and questions about these upcoming changes on the corresponding dev-post forum threads.

This article originally appeared on, written by Wolf Merrik.

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