Liveblog: Blood Raider Sotiyo – It’s on (again)


June 2 the BR Sotiyo in Z-M5A1 was reinforced (again), so at 1335 June 3 it came into the final timer.

After the last timer was something of a non-event, people were unsure whether anything would happen, or if it would just be interceptor fleets hanging around for 15 minutes while it repaired.

The Imperium have decided to give it a go this time and arrived in the system in a T1 frigate fleet comprised of Punishers and Executioners with interceptors there for support (and grabbing the BPC). They also have a Jackdaw/Stork fleet

TEST are in the system with T2 frigs.

1341: 430 in local. Timer still paused, TEST are warping in, alphaing frigs, and warping out again. Imperium are following in with their Jackdaw fleet. There are plenty of T1 frig losses, but, at 1.8m each on average for Punishers and 5.5m for executioners, I think Imperium can afford to sustain a few losses.

1351: Structure at 75% or so, the rinse and repeat of “Warp in, alpha, warp out” is ongoing. Zkill for the system is here.  Jebi at Evelog is streaming it over on Twitch. Lots of T1 frigate wrecks on field, and a lone venture is running around, so maybe they are picking up salvage to stockpile for the winter expansion.

1400: Blood Raiders are now adopting TEST tactics, forming up in Omens, warping in, alphaing (or trying to) and warping out again. Structure is coming up to 50%.  Blood Raiders have Chemosh out and about, and have caught a Goonswarm Jackdaw.

1420: Local is up to 471. As is so common with structure shoots, the ASCII art in local is one of the highlights. Structure is at 20%

1430:  Structure is about to explode.  TEST earlier lost a Tengu which was lurking around for reasons that are unclear.

1437: Structure has exploded. Killmail here.

1443: It is unclear who has the loot at this point. CCP Paradox has said that the BPC does not show on the KM atm, but they will fix this.
1446: CCP Paradox has confirmed they are discussing the loot mechanics and they will be able to give us info soon. They are also looking at the way that the Sotiyos handles being attacked by frigates.

1450: Still no info on who has the BPC, or if one dropped. We will update you if/when that info comes out, but, otherwise we will just wait and see what happens by the time the next one spawns.

1519: Here is a video from the looting.

1634: CCP Paradox has said that the logs show that something beyond modules dropped.

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  • Nicola Arman

    This seems lame…

    June 3, 2017 at 2:41 PM
    • Rhivre Nicola Arman

      It is a bit, especially as it seems there was nothing that dropped.

      June 3, 2017 at 2:54 PM
      • paduncan Rhivre

        or some lucky little bee or testie has it and is not telling… unless there was a cloaked neutral who managed to grab it, but that’s a stretch

        June 3, 2017 at 3:11 PM