Liberation Day Has Arrived


CCP announced the start of the Liberation Day event for the Minmatar Republic to start July 10 through 11:00 UTC July 12. In celebration of the Republic’s liberation from the Amarr, various parades will be held in select systems as well as a “player run gathering in game” orchestrated by Pol Macsliebh, and will include several events, including a race and a battle royal tournament. More details on both as well as meeting points and times can be found on this forum thread.

Alongside the player content, CCP is starting a new daily login rewards campaign for the duration of the event. Rewards include “Minmatar-themed character apparel, a Liberation Day Fireworks Crate, Nefantar SKINs, and skill points to boost your training”, with Omega pilots receiving “bigger rewards” in addition to Alpha rewards.

New event sites will also appear alongside the parades and festivities, with unique challenges for pilots to complete. These challenges will reward skill points upon completion. The events will take place in the following systems: Rens, Hek, Eram, Teonusude, Pator, Altrinur, and Hjoramold.

Lastly, select ships will be receiving a unique Liberation Day skin in the New Eden Store called the “Freedom’s Revolution SKIN”. It will be available for a limited time with the final sell date 11:00 UTC July 31. The following ships will have access to this unique skin line: Hurricane, Hurricane Fleet Issue, Typhoon, Typhoon Fleet Issue, Nidhoggur, Claymore, and Hel.

Image CCP

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