Judgement Day – The Hellcamp of 68FT-6

Johnny Crowe 2017-09-17

“Today he was Judge, jury and executioner”

It was early in the evening when I first got word that The Judge betrayed Circle-of-two, and the Keepstar in 68FT-6 was now in our possession. Pings started coming for strategic fleets, but I quietly made my way towards the forming Hellcamp in a Flycatcher. I’m not sure why I chose a dual MASB(medium ancillary shield booster) fitted Flycatcher to make my way up alone in. I have quite a few interceptors gathering dust in the Goon land, each one of them with kill marks from some random strategic op and left in a station or citadel I’ll likely never stop in again. When I left Circle-of-Two, I thought I would never again dock up there. My lockers were firesold long ago, but the memories of that Keepstar always remained. At this time, I didn’t even know we had temporary blue status the entire way up there; I thought for sure the way there would be gate camped. It was the main reason I didn’t burn up in an Onyx – at least the flycatcher would be nimble and burn back to a gate, coax some into red boxing me, and split the camp then jump through. All of this was for naught; the entire way was blue. Each system I passed through had a sea of friendly faces waiting to greet me on what was to be a day of closure on the feud that had brewed for so long. I finally arrived at the camp, bubbles were already set in a big circle, and a ‘LOL’ was being onlined above the Keepstar. The uhh rocket ship with escape pods was already hanging proudly below the once beloved home to our rivals.

I didn’t like Circle-of-Two at all, it wasn’t even goonery that caused my distaste. I had an interview with gigX a few weeks back that was, let me tell you, quite pleasant. This may come as a shocker I know, he was actually pretty cool to me during the thing. My wifi dropped during the conversation but all in all, it was a pretty good. I had been camped in 68FT then as well, but I had come neutrally and with a positive attitude to talk to the dudes. Let’s just say the situation deteriorated quickly, grr goons was the line members sperg and frankly, they were the rudest dudes I have ever spoken with. It felt like the movie The InterviewIt was like the round kid and the grocery stores, all a front. So this time, I went to 68FT, instead of in a ceptor with no weapons and a cloak. I went in my favorite catcher, armed to the teeth, with more bubbles than one could ever need. What I didn’t have, was ammo. I had just recently bought that Onyx that I mentioned, sitting at 530m on an alliance contract, which dropped me to a whopping 6m. I mean, this is cool or whatever, I have a doctrine Onyx to take for the Mittani’s mass HICTORS pings, or so I thought, it had almost everything, almost. No rigs, damn I thought, not even in its cargo hold. Goonery at its finest of course. Anyway, with six million ISK to my name I set up shop.

The first few hours went great, local was a lot like Jita, but there were no ISK doubling schemes to be seen. It was a mix of what I can only describe as the recruitment channel, mixed with a trollin’ channel, laden-heavily with “firesale me your stuff plz” spammed in. The Hellcamp itself was nasty, I’ve seen some camps before but, the drag bubbles formed a three-sixty around the Keepstar. Even the ‘LOL’ itself was a drag bubble trap waiting to snare any potato who tried to warp to the Keepstar or in line with it. Hics were everywhere. With full graphics, you came undocked from the station and it was the color of mars. Thick with red bubbles snaring everything but interceptors and T3’s. Sensor Boosters were needed, the camp killed everything that undocked with a swiftness and if you weren’t fast you were sure to miss it. Insurance fraud was in abundance as Circle-of-Two members fed us their carriers for the platinum insurance, knowing it would never see space again under their command. We received word that a dread of ours had gone wayward and was slow-boating through a system being chased by sabres, Either he bought a firesale and didn’t jump it or he didn’t have fuel but he definitely was gating this dread. We all eagerly awaited the killmail we knew was coming from jumping a dread gate to gate.

I spent the majority of the night at the Hellcamp then went to sleep. Thinking maybe it had died down a little when I woke up I undocked to a still massive Hellcamp, and a system full of trapped enemies. TEST had a presence, along with Brave and were still trying to win over the hearts of the fallen CO2 members. By this time a new eve propaganda song came out by RMT Records, featuring The Judge set to a Johnny Cash tune.

It quickly became the soundtrack to the Hellcamp.  Local still swelled with neutrals we had agreed not to shoot and given tethering rights. We were even letting a few corporations leave, with a temporary no-fire pass. I had blown all of my ammo and was buying whatever I could from the Keepstar. I quickly ran out of ISK and stopped firing T2 ammo and switched down to regular. Finally, I had nothing left but bubbles. I had to return to Delve. After a quick bit of krabbing(highly controversial krabbing mind you), I podded myself and returned to the Hellcamp. By now the news that gigX was banned had got round to everyone. I don’t think anyone truly thought the outcome would be banning. Oh was the salt being mined then, let me tell you. “But the Mittani! In the Wizards Hat!” quickly became a point of contention and a hilarious meme to us bees, let me tell you. #freegigX became a thing, which also, let me tell you, was stolen and memed to hell by the bees.

Finding myself back at the Hellcamp I took my turn babysitting the standing fleet. Tiredly I poured through our forums(horribly posting where I just couldn’t help not) looking for anything that advanced the plot. Would we keep the Keepstar? Would we cart it around Delve like a trophy of some triumph, on a sort of weird tour? I went to sleep again in 68FT, in the Keepstar named “The Judge sends his regards”. I woke up again to the same sized Hellcamp, though around now some of the men were a bit tired of being there. Some of them had been taken out on strat ops and left, to my amusement naturally. I asked for a show of hands who wanted to head back, I thought maybe I’d take them back but only a few x’d up. Most were content so I stayed. I spent my last night at the Hellcamp, flying around an interceptor I had bought off a very desperate firesaler. He thought I was going to use it for travel fit. It was terrible for that, but all in all, nicely set up for pvp, so I just warped around the hellcamp catching ‘elite Tristan pvpers’ and potatoes who still didn’t know the Hellcamp was standing.

I woke up, talked some smack to Hordelings who had been trying to contest with the Delve super krabs for firesales. I wonder if they did well. Anyway, I headed back to OK-FEM with a jump clone once more, abandoning my prized flycatcher and firesale crow. Oh well, at least I have a few more tried and tested ships sitting in places I will likely never dock again. At least my Onyx got left behind. All in all, it was a great Hellcamp, I survived a call-out thread, which let me tell you is unfortunate, my posts are so shit AMOK will soon want me. As I write this, Circle-of-Two has been disbanded, finally closure is found. gigX is permabanned, TEST bought the Keepstar from us, so much for our moving trophy tour, and now I have this stupid song stuck permanently in my head.


So I guess there is only one thing left to say really, someone please buy my 68FT firesale.

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  • Pew Pew

    Well that was all a bit mental.

    Did Gigx really get permabanned for saying “type with your hands, while you still can?”

    To me that seems like a very minor thing to ban someone over.

    Always sad when a content creator goes down.

    September 17, 2017 at 8:18 pm
    • Delusionist Pew Pew

      He reiterated his threat a lot more explicitly and tried to get Judge’s personal information ostensibly for purposes of carrying it out. “Type with your hands, while you still can” wasn’t the whole thing.

      After the ban, he doubled down and posted GM correspondence, which is also a bannable offense.

      September 17, 2017 at 8:42 pm
    • Johnny Crowe Pew Pew

      He really was banned for the intent. It was cause he tried to get the information to carry out the act, also I think it’s cause he threatened to harm him at the next CSM meet. All around he sort of fucked up. I will say one thing, for a mad man, he was cool as fuck to me haha.

      September 18, 2017 at 4:17 am
      • Pew Pew Johnny Crowe

        ” I will say one thing, for a mad man, he was cool as fuck to me haha.”

        That’s a great line. I’d love that as my epitaph.

        September 18, 2017 at 6:48 pm
    • Arrendis Pew Pew

      He was really banned for some reason, to which we are not privy, because CCP has not, and will not, tell us. Among the possible candidates (that we know about from non-CCP sources) are:

      1.Threatening to cut off the Judge’s hands and attempting to get his real-world information in the immediate aftermath.
      2. Repeating this threat several times over the next seven hours (kind of undercuts the ‘heat of the moment’ theory.
      3. Threatening the Judge’s safety in Vegas.
      4. Threatening the Judge’s safety at the next CSM Summit in Iceland.

      2-4, again, took place over many hours, and pretty well removes the ‘he just said something stupid in an angry moment’ meme.

      CCP might have reduced the initial ban. After all, it’s easier and better PR to over-react and then show leniency than to levy a punishment and then come back to it saying ‘Actually, no, we’re gonna lengthen this’. You can always claim, after all, that the initial, draconian measure, was ‘in the heat of the moment’, as you were concerned about player safety and threats being thrown around. (See? That works for more than just gigX!). However, the odds of that dropped precipitously when gigX posted a copy of the GM communication to the CO2 forums—which is another bannable offense.

      Really, if you want the game company you license your access to a character from to be inclined toward being nice to you… don’t openly shit on them and their TOS.

      September 18, 2017 at 1:58 pm
  • Alaric Faelen

    Great read.

    I was among the first few Ceptors to race pell mell for their keepstar. Can’t resist a rage ping like that!
    Spent a few days sitting off the undock in a Phobos. I’m probably the bubble to the far right in most pictures. Although I did move enough to help put up the ring of bubbles around the citadel.

    It’s such a trope but Eve really does offer the “I was there” gameplay that CCP uses for it’s advertising.

    I was also there when Co2 betrayed the Imperium and tried to AWOX our super fleet. So in game I ‘hate’ Co2. A fitting retribution.
    I am saddened that it devolved into RL threats and a content creator (even if he is my enemy) getting banned. I agree with the ban, I have zero tolerance for Internet Tough Guys. But wish it hadn’t come to that in the first place.

    September 18, 2017 at 5:05 am