INIT. Onlines First Keepstar Minutes After AT Victory


Annnd Anotha’ One

It has been a big weekend for The Initiative. At 17:45 Eve time on July 30 INIT. anchored their first ever Keepstar in the region of Querious. The successful Keepstar deployment came only minutes after INIT. defeated Mercenary Coalition in the Alliance Tournament. You can see a replay in Eve_NT’s tool here.

The combination of the Alliance Tournament victory and successful Imperium Keepstar deployment has sparked celebration. More than a hundred Imperium Titans (at least forty of which belonging to INIT.) and hundreds of other assorted supercapitals, capitals, and subcapitals rallied on the Keepstar undock. One hundred Doomsday weapons lit up the sky as Davidus Fortuna’s  Phoenix was primaried. A video of the Titans landing on the Keepstar and blowing up the Phoenix can be seen below.

More images of the glorious explosions can be found here.

I caught up with Sister Bliss of INIT. who stated that the combination of the Alliance Tournament win and Keepstar Anchoring was a great moment for The Initiative. As far as the next step INIT., all Sister Bliss had to say was, “Hopefully more explosions.”

With the Imperium Keepstar count now in the double digits only time will tell how many more Keepstars are to be added to the Imperium’s growing Keepstar fortress in the southwest.

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  • chrisdoc07

    all hail init.

    July 30, 2017 at 10:20 PM
  • BuckStrider

    And so, with the anchoring of this Keepstar, carebearing just got a little bit easier

    July 30, 2017 at 10:30 PM