Imperium Announces Fountain Campaign


Every year, the major EVE gatherings occur in Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and around the world. When they do, members of all different alliances and factions within the game wind up drinking, partying, and having a good time together. The grudges and rivalries of the rest of the year are often set aside in order to come together in celebration of New Eden and the vicious psychopaths who make it great.

Traditionally, these gatherings are also a time for the outbreak of war. In years past, Fanfest and other EVE gatherings, when much of the leadership of Goonswarm and its allies have been partying, have also been the times when one or more of the myriad factions in nullsec have decided to attack the Imperium (and the CFC before them). Now EVE Vegas is upon us, and once more bloodshed is erupting on the Imperium’s borders. This year, however, the Imperium and its allies are the aggressors for a change.

Taking advantage of EVE Vegas this weekend, the Imperium has announced a short campaign in Fountain. The attacks will be a joint effort of the Imperium, Red Menace Coalition (RMC), Lowsechnaya Sholupen (LSH), and the long-term residents of the region known as Fountain Core. The campaign will be focusing on assets of The-Culture (TC), primarily the valuable R64 money moons that make up much of the region’s wealth. As stated in a jabber ping sent to the entire Imperium by The Mittani, the Imperium’s goals are “to set a region on fire and kick some bitches to the curb”.


The initial assault began at 1800 NEST on October 27, and included an Imperium strike on multiple TC targets, reinforcing moons in 9O-ORX, G95F-H, and KCT-0A. Imperium Bhaalgorns led by Apple Pear were supported by a detachment of Carriers, Dreadnoughts, and Force Auxiliaries under the command of Jay Amazingness. The Imperium forces were largely unopposed, though The-Culture, led by Raknor Bile, fielded interdictors and highly maneuverable artillery-fit Claws (a.k.a. ‘FozzieClaws’) in defense.

While the outcome of such a match-up is hardly surprising, TC was able to pick off stragglers and pilots slow to align. Notable kills included a pair of Bhaalgorns, three Imperium Abaddons, and two strategic cruisers. The real prize for Raknor Bile and his pilots, however, had to be a Revelation-class dreadnought who managed to warp himself to the wrong gate and then sit idle and not aligned while interceptors chewed on him like a swarm of rabid chihuahua—or perhaps piranha.

Further attacks into Fountain are expected as festivities in Las Vegas commence, including possibly more fighting in the USTZ hours tonight. TMC/Imperium News will continue to cover these developments as the conflict unfolds. Viva EVE Vegas!

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  • Rammel Kas

    The Revelation may have been committed to claiming insurance. Since Imperium have moved away from using that ship.

    October 28, 2016 at 6:13 AM