Horde Eyes TKE While NC. Moves to Malpais


A town hall meeting was held on July 6 by Pandemic Horde leader Gobbins to outline move operations, as well as details about a new restructuring. INN was handed a copy of the recording.

In short, the following three major changes are taking place:

  • Geminate will be rented out to PH corps and other members looking to buy their own space.
  • The Kalevala Expanse will become a dense, turbo-krab region built on the model of Delve where defenders are prepared to drop supers and titans on anything that moves.
  • LXQ2-T becomes a content zone – what that means is not to drop caps unless on strategic enemies, with a note not to drop on streamers.

The aim is to work together to cover TKE due to the dense layout of the space to provide protection for a growing demand in industry within PH and the wider, allied groups.

Regarding Geminate, Gobbins is not confident of the defence of the region and has advised players not to build expensive ships such as supers and titans in the region, going as far to tell members to build in Malpais over anywhere else. He noted that the last time someone built somewhere they shouldn’t have they lost a Komodo, confirming rumours that Horde have lost a baby Komodo previously. 

After losing space in Tribute, Northern Coalition. is currently in the process of moving into Malpais. At the time of writing, NCdot has a Territorial Claim over six systems, alongside a total of 16 Infrastructure Hubs. A map showing all systems under NCdot influence can be found here. It looks like they are  taking over as many as three constellations as they start to rebuild and set up operations in the region.

With these systems being outside of NPC space dread-bomb range, as well as being nested next to their valued allies, NCdot should find a good home in Malpais as it looks to rebuild structures and restart daily life. INN would like to wish NCdot very well in their new home.

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  • Zzadist

    Would like to wish** NCdot very well in their new home.

    July 7, 2019 at 12:41 PM