Hard Knocks and Allies vs Holesale


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On March 27 a combined force of Hard Knocks, Lazerhawks, and No Vacancies (along with several smaller groups) reinforced multiple Holesale Operations’ structures in their home C2 system of J125923. The attackers brought an eviction force consisting of the all-too-familiar boosh-Raven doctrine, which was used against Hard Knocks during the battle of Rage a few months ago. The shield timer was quiet, but soon after there were multiple small skirmishes in the system, along with the defending side using covert ops chains and bridges to get forces into the hole, trying to sneak them past Hard Knocks current control of the holes. A small amount of bombers and other various covert ops ships died on the way in.

The armor was a much different story. Once the armor came out on Holesale’s main citadel, their faction “Marginis” Fortizar, Hard Knocks and allies showed up with boosh Ravens, while the defenders undocked with T3C’s and a decently large-sized carrier fleet. Both sides traded ships, with the defenders trying to kill as many booshers, pods, and Ravens as possible before tomorrow’s battle.

Battle Report

Scores to Settle:

For a while Holesale has not been on the good side of Hard Knocks, or any C6-owning group. Not only do they have a C6 static in their hole, but they also do evictions of C6 systems. During the battle of Rage, instead of Holesale supporting the war effort against INIT, they took advantage of the situation and attacked Hard Knocks C6 farming systems, during and after the war when HK was still recovering. Holesale has alway had a grudge against the Big Three. This op is most likely a vengeance plot against Holesale for them taking advantage of Hard Knocks weaknesses months ago, but this could be purely driven by loot or content.

The final timer for the faction Fortizar, along with multiple other structures, is tomorrow. There is an ongoing struggle for hole control and there will most likely be more small skirmishes into the night until the final timer tomorrow.

UPDATE: The Marginis Fortizar initially reinforced on March 27 was killed at 16:22 EVE time on March 29, and the killmail is viewable here. We are aware that this is not the last part of this eviction, and will continue to bring you coverage of this eviction as it unfolds.

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