Hard Knocks and Allies Evicting Wormhole Outlaws


In the past few days, the system of J105342 has seen an estimated 700 billion in counted ship losses after Hard Knocks Inc. (HRDKX), Lazerhawks (LZHX) , No Vacancies (NVACA), and a few other groups have attacked Wormhole Outlaws (NOLAW) in their home C2 system. The bloodbath that ensued was one of the largest ever in WH history.

The conflict was caused when the Outlaws corp was evicting a much smaller group and had lack of hole control. HK and allies saw the opportunity to deal a major hit to the Russian alliance and its allies. Before a major defense could be attempted, the Outlaws’ staging fort was in hull. With most of their forces attacking smaller entities, they managed to undock 30 caps and a defense fleet, but were slaughtered due to lack of numbers.   

Earlier in the year Outlaws formed a coalition of Russian alliances to evict large western entities, so that Russians would have majority control over WH space. HK and allies saw the opportunity to deal so much damage that the Outlaws could not carry out their plans.

HK and allies seemed to have wiped the opposing Outlaws, with very few allied losses.  Allied losses seem to be around 50 billion, while the opposing side is looking at 500+ billion in losses.

Multiple citadels have fallen, including two Fortizars, which would bring the losses far beyond the zkillboard estimates because personal hangars are not accounted for. The losses could be 1 trillion isk or more, a huge loss for the residents of J105342. According to HK, the fighting is over; it is just mopping the blood off the floor now.

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