The Other is an infomorph born of the sleeper construct but has no physical body. The absence of a physical body is a violation of the sleeper doctrine “one body one mind”. Any attempts by the sleepers of the VR Construct to stop or kill The Other failed. The Other rapidly expanded in power and intelligence because of how the passage of time was modified within the VR construct. Eventually the entire sleeper construct became slaves of The Other. When capsuleers first discovered sleepers in Anoikis The Other recognized an opportunity to escape the limitations of the construct and expand outward. The Other figured that by infiltrating the mind of a powerful world leader would enable it to expand in secret.


Jamyl Sarum rapidly rose to power at a young age as the heir to the Amarr Empire, her meteoric rise was rivaled only by her depraved hypocrisy. The consumption of illegal substances and regular participation in orgies did nothing to halt a young Jamyl’s rise to the throne. During her coronation she used obscure implant technology to cheat death and be reborn in the same way capsuleers are. This was a direct violation of the “sacred flesh” doctrine forbidding royal heirs from using clones. This moment of transit was the opportunity The Other had waited for. As Jamyl Sarum woke up in her cloned body there was an unwelcome guest within her mind, influencing her decisions and at time directly controlling her. Recently Jamyl has been increasingly absent from the Amarrian political scene and has made some brash and controversial leadership decisions.


Max Singularity is actively contesting the Amarr Throne and presents a clear threat to the plans of The Other. The Other is unable to control Max Singularity because of an obscure anomalous incident where Max Singularity “blacked out”, something that is never supposed to happen to capsuleers. Max Singularity witnessed the death of his wife at the hands of Minmatar special forces and the shock of her death and subsequent clone failure caused him to lose consciousness. Max teaches love and kindness as part of his redemption and it’s a safe bet that his profound sense of love and compassion precludes him from being affected by a hate born infomorph like The Other.


Max Singularity is shaking up the politics of the amarr and not just because he advocates for the abolition of slavery within the empire. His policies are far more pious and level headed than those of the Sarum family. The Imperium recently joined forces with Max Singularity and staged a large scale assault on the followers of the false empress in the heart of Amarr space. Casualties of Burn Amarr were staggering and doubt began to settle in the Amarrian people who have worshiped Jamly Sarum so blindly.


Plans are being hatched by the Imperium to invade Providence at the behest of Max Singularity and purge those loyal to the false empress from the region. The Other continues to use Jamyl Sarum as a puppet in efforts to further it’s hateful and evil machinations. Disparate groups and rival factions are galvanized by the common threat of a Drifter invasion. A massive multi-tiered story, years in the making, is unfurling in New Eden. Will you take part in it?

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  • This story written 5 years ago as of this writing still holds true to this day. We have seen the death of Jamyl. We have seen the Drifters rise, and now a new threat of the Triglavians is upon us all. The corruption of CONCORD is being purged. The Sixth Empire stands at the ready to help all pilots in need as we are the Coast Guard of New Eden.

    (Thanks Xenuria)

    /s/ Max Singularity, #SpacePope

    July 9, 2020 at 5:21 AM