EVE Vegas 2020 Dates Announced


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At 00:00 UTC on February 15, the crew responsible for EVE Vegas 2020 dropped a new announcement regarding this year’s event.

The Reddit and Twitter threads announced that EVE Vegas 2020 is happening in late October 2020. Vegas 2020 will take place over two days (October 23 and 24), and has two primary events. First up is a Friday Meet ‘n’ Greet, with free food and a 4-hour open bar for attendees to indulge in. Saturday’s “buy your own booze” Bar Invasion is being kept a little closer to the chest, but INN has been assured that more information will be released as soon as possible. Early Bird tickets for Vegas 2020 cost $75 on their Eventbrite page.

The Vegas 2020 ticket price will also include a “goodie bag”, with an event-specific challenge coin and a number of other items. Most of the goodie bag contents are as-yet unannounced, but an early mock-up of the included challenge coin was shown on Friday’s Open Comms show. The coin has the Vegas icon on one side, the PLEX symbol on the other, and a number of alliance tickers around the edge of the coin. Hyprviper, EVE Vegas 2020’s primary organiser, also suggested that each challenge coin would be individually numbered.

EVE Vegas 2020 also has a block booking opportunity with Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel. Bally’s is a casino and hotel, and has recently renovated the area that the EVE Vegas 2020 crew have reserved. The block booking provides access to some nice rooms, a 24-hour bar, and various casino opportunities, as well as being located on the Las Vegas Strip for easy access to any other attractions. You can find out more at the EVE Vegas 2020 website.

Ultimately, Vegas 2020 is looking to be a quieter and more reserved event than we have come to expect from CCP’s Las Vegas outings, focusing more on player interaction than new EVE Online content. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. If enough people buy tickets, this has the beginnings of a great event, with a ton of potential in the coming years. No matter what, though, Vegas 2020 is bound to be a fantastic continuation of an event that has been occurring for more than a decade!

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  • Guilford Australis

    Excellent! I mentioned this to my wife when it was first announced, and she actually – amazingly – agreed to come. Looking forward to October.

    February 15, 2020 at 1:47 PM