CCP recently announced that it is accepting submissions for in-game advertisements from players. This follows on from a contest that CCP ran in March, which led to some player-created advertisements being introduced to the game in the ship hangar and on space billboards. Players can once again submit new videos which will play in-game after they pass a content review by CCP.

CCP has provided suggestions for acceptable content, which include recruiting videos, service advertisements, and even propaganda. All content must be teen-rated, set in the Eve universe, and cinematic in nature. Your video should contain no audio, be 15 seconds or less, and in the form of a 1024 by 576 (30 fps) WebM file which is less than 30 MB in size. Videos fitting this criteria can be submtited to billboards@ccpgames.com along with the character name, corporation, and alliance of both the video submitter and creator.

There are many different video editing programs available. If you are in need of one, here are some alternatives.OpenShot is a good, open-source, editor which runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. If you own a Mac, iMovie is a decent editor that is inexpensive. If you want a professional tool, you should look to Adobe Premier which is available for a small monthly fee.

Regardless of the tools ultimately used to make these new videos, New Eden is about to get a little more colourful.

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