EVE Online Celebrates its 17th Birthday


The time has come to celebrate seventeen years of Eve Online! CCP has prepared a series of different events and promotions for the game over the next two weeks, with log-in rewards, skins, promotions, and an in-game event.

Log-in rewards

On May 6, a two-week, ten-part log-in campaign with tracks for both Alpha and Omega characters kicked off. Alphas get:

  • Capsuleer Day XVII skins for the capsule, Apothoeis, Sunesis, Gnosis and Praxis
  • Capsuleer Day XVII cap and T-shirt
  • 125k Skill points
  • Calm Abyssal filaments crate
  • Capsuleer Day XVII Alpha Booster Gift box (selection of boosters with a limited time glamourex social booster)

Omegas get everything an alpha gets as well as the following:

  • 325k skill points
  • Capsuleer Day XVII firework package
  • Apotheosis, Sunesis, Gnosis, and Praxis hulls
  • Capsuleer Day Signal-10 ‘Needlejack’ filament
  • Capsuleer Day XVII Omega Booster Gift box

If you are an Alpha and you upgrade to Omega during the promotion, you will receive the Omega rewords of the days that you have passed.

Skin Promotion

Four new skins called Permaband Roadies for the Maller, Moa, Thorax and Rupture have been released for only seventeen PLEX each. This sale is on now and will run till May 11 at Downtime.

Steam Users: a free DLC pack

If you play Eve via Steam, you can pick up a 17th Birthday Celebration pack on Steam for free. This pack includes:

  • Three days of Omega, ensuring double training speed and many more benefits
  • 300,000 Skill Points, giving you a head start in skill training
  • Skill and Damage Booster (Cerebral Accelerator)
  • A stunning bundle of starter ship SKINs
  • Blood Raider apparel

However, this pack is only free till May 7, so grab it now to avoid disappointments.

A look to the future of New Eden

Starting on May 7 is a new event site designed for T1 or faction battlecruisers, while information on what you can expect is limited, if you are able to fight off the Triglavians, you will be rewarded with prizes including new SKINs, limited-time cerebral accelerators, limited-time standings boosters, and special limited-time 10=pilot ‘Needlejack’ Filaments, as well as a chance to discover hints pointing towards the future of New Eden.

That’s it for now! Log in, take part and enjoy the Eve Online’s 17th birthday celebration.

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  • Simon Chui

    3 days free omega on steam, login rewards retroactive if you activate omega, that means my alpha account should get the free steam pack on the last possible day to get the most omega rewards?

    May 7, 2020 at 1:51 AM