EVE News | 12 Month Omega in New Eden Store


CCP has added the ability to purchase 12 months of Omega from directly within the game, via the New Eden Store (NES) for the price of 5,500 PLEX. If purchasing game time in this way, you receive a small benefit in the form of a one month gratuity for purchasing in advance.

While this is possibly a response to players wanting the ability to obtain a discount when purchasing game time en masse from the NES, as they may when purchasing via the website, it also serves to add another avenue for monetization.

The Price Breakdown

It is worth noting that this is not the most economical way to purchase game time for EVE Online. It is, however, the only way to obtain a discount on PLEX-ing your gameplay from within the game.

As a dollars-to-PLEX conversion, purchasing 12 months of straight PLEX would require 6,000 PLEX (500 x 12 months). To afford this directly would require at least a 7,430 PLEX pack at $250 USD.

Under this new deal, within the game, it would require 5x 1,100 PLEX Packs ($40 USD ea.), or 2x 2,860 PLEX packs ($100 USD ea.) – the latter will leave you with a surplus of 220 PLEX. In either case, you would be spending $200 USD. That’s still $50 cheaper if you’re a credit card warrior. However, if you’re sitting on a stockpile of PLEX within the game, then this is definitely better than no discount at all.

This offer does not, however, represent a discount if you’re paying for your Omega subscription with a credit card or other payment method. Twelve months of Omega, paid a year at-a-time, bi-annually, or semi-annually would still be cheaper:

  • 12 months up-front: $131.40 USD
  • 6 months, times two: $143.40 USD
  • 3 months, times four: $155.40 USD

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