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Art by Redline XIII

CCP released their regular Pulse updates. Here’s a quick peek at what was covered as well as a few additional updates.

Pulse Main Points

With the CSM winter summit concluded, CCP will be releasing the minutes later this month. CCP Dopamine noted that the format would be different from previous minutes as this summit’s would be released in a “bullet point format” to keep things “concise and on-point”. Major things mentioned that were discussed at the summit included citadel time-tanking, plans for the second Quadrant, comms, and Faction Warfare, along with “much much more”. Dopamine praised the CSM for presentations made during the summit sessions, specifically noting subjects such as the industry status and “non-consensual PVP”.

CCP announced the release of new Amarr ship skins called Oasis of Faith. They are available on the market place starting at 55 PLEX for Battlecruiser and lower, then moving to 110 PLEX for Battleships and topping at 250 PLEX for capitals and bigger.

In addition to the all-around successful and promising CSM summit, CCP has reaffirmed their fight against the darker elements of EVE: botters, hackers, and fraud. CCP Rattati stated that CCP has implemented several unspecified methods, in addition to player reporting, that they are constantly improving in order to fight botting. Based off data collected from last year, Rattati announced that the current method has reduced botting’s impact “by over 80% this last year” in both the number of botters and wealth generated. Rattati also urged players to activate two-factor authentication to assist CCP in keeping player accounts secure. Rattati ended his segment on RMTers, declaring that anyone who purchases ISK from RMTers are “condoning that behavior”of “botting, stealing credit cards, and account hacking”. Rattati also reaffirmed CCP’s commitment to fighting “all forms of cheating” with their zero tolerance policy.

Other News

The “Skilling is just a means of Communication” event went live on March 12th and is slated to continue until April 14th. In this event, players are given daily PvP missions that reset every few hours that require killing one player frigate or larger in order to earn 10k skill points per mission. INN has been able to confirm that this mission can be completed through duels, so non-PvPers will still be able to complete this mission by entering a duel versus an opponent with an empty ship hull for an easy and uncontested kill.

Finally, CCP said that rewards for the recent PLEX for Good campaign have been announced and will be shipping out very soon. The rewards are a pair of Reserve Frontier Safeguard shirts, one male and one female, with the first pair being shipped to those that donated a minimum of 100 PLEX. An additional two pair will be shipped to those who donated a minimum of 500 PLEX, and a further additional one pair will be shipped for every 500 PLEX after the previous 500.

CCP also announced that due to widespread support of the donation drive, players that donated to content creators or other players instead of the CCP PLEX collector will still be able to receive their rewards by requesting a contract from the person they donated to for the correct number of shirts. If this method fails, players can EVE mail CCP Plex for Good with the amount of PLEX donated and the correct amount of shirts will be contracted over in Jita 4-4.

Large donation claims will be verified by CCP prior to issuing any rewards. This will be done via original donation contract links, among other methods on CCP’s end, to confirm the donation. CCP ended their announcement with a thank you and a warning. The warning was to all who would think about scamming people out of rewards for this donation drive. “CCP regards any scamming attempts surrounding PLEX for GOOD to be morally reprehensible, and any attempts at scamming relating to this program will be met with the harshest and swiftest action at our disposal. If you become aware of anyone attempting a scam related to PLEX for GOOD please notify us at support@eveonline.com.”

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