EVE Graphics Update: New Propulsion Effects, Valklear SKINs


On Tuesday September 1, CCP released a short teaser revealing a previously unannounced update to the ship propulsion animation. The new animation features distinct changes including vibrant, shifting colors and shapes with differential engine plume profiles corresponding with the speed of the propulsion module. The view is entirely from the perspective of the rear right-side of the featured ship and does not show or rule out the presence of engine trails. The video provided by CCP_logibro is embedded below.


The exact artist (or artists?) at CCP responsible for the new animation have not been revealed by CCP. However, a user by the name of Nagli has been speculated as the artist, now listed in the ccpdevs page of the eve/subreddit, after providing additional details on the animations.  For instance, when Vycaris posted, “But… No engine trail?”, Nagli responded, “They are still in, I just turned them off when I was recording this. This is still very much wip and there are more effects in there that are turned off.”  When Ashterothi posted, “I am not sure why people are down-voting because the “quality sucks”. I am sure whoever made this video just did it quickly as part of his or her job and they thought it would be cool to share us the first peeks at something new. Please don’t be that guy and crap on the quality :|”, Nagli replied, “Aye, I’m working on this effect and I just shot it on my mobile camera for fun. We kinda liked the video so we decided to share it on EVE NOW. Things don´t have to be so stupendously serious and official all the time =).”

The new ship propulsion animation now rests alongside the previously announced new ship explosion animations, both of which have no known release date.

For the vast majority, the new propulsion animation reveal was met with large praise with Rokos of Pandemic Legion posting, “Looks dope!” and SoundWolves of Goonswarm Federation posting, “YES ALL OF THIS IN MY FACE NOW DO IT.”

Some however, without naming names, may have the opinion that the animations, although a welcomed revision, are shying away from CCP’s efforts to bring new content and design elements to EVE. But does the development of art assets really interfere with the development of new, additional or revised game mechanics? The tasking of artists is obviously very different from the management and tasking of coding and overall game design staff.  Those pipelines could be completely separate issues for CCP directors. Nevertheless, the vocal community has spoken, and is seemingly appreciative of CCP’s commitment to the constant improvements to the artistic design and feel of EVE.

For CCP artists the day was not entirely about unveiling the new propulsion animation. Additional EVE art assets were released today in the form of 40 new Valkear Glory ship skins, now available for purchase for all Minmatar ships with the exception of the Fleet Issue (Hurricane, Scythe, Stabber, Tempest, and Typhoon) hulls.

The Valkear Glory Ragnarok with glorious yellow tinted highlights.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Anehii.

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