Eve: Eclipse Trailer Teases New Ships, Star Destruction and Story


CCP teased EVE Quadrant 2, called Eclipse, with a new trailer and devblog today. The trailer appears to show Zorya Triglav seemingly taking over, and forces emerging from a planet. The defenders battle the invading Triglavians with a Titan and a yet-unknown Upwell Consortium ship that shoots a blue ray. The closing shots show a World Ark, zooming out to view the system’s blue star showing Triglavian writing. The final shot shows a Stargate deactivating.

In its Devblog, CCP confirmed the planned Eclipse release on April 6. The stated aim of the expansion is to “shift the balance of power in New Eden.” Quadrant 2 – following CCP’s strategy to divide 2020’s feature releases into quarters called “Quadrants” – is to bring new ships and weapons, balance changes, and a variety of login campaigns, events and visual updates. The final chapter of the Triglavian Invasion also accompanies the Quadrant 2 release. This also represents Chapter 3 of the Triglavian storyline, promising that “the landscape of New Eden will never be the same again.”

“The Hunt,” the first event of Quadrant 2, will release on April 6 along with Eclipse. The event is aimed at smaller ships that younger players can fly. It is an Easter egg hunt in which players can hunt down and scan capsules that give them access to special sites and loot. During the event, player capsules have a chance to drop their equipped implants.

As this news is being released, speculation about Quadrant 2 is already widespread, with the official post-event episode of Talking in Stations attracting over 1600 viewers. Watch this space for more speculations and detailed analysis to come!

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  • What if I don’t want to fight overpowered NPCs for a living?

    April 4, 2020 at 12:32 PM