CSM 12 Changes


CCP released a news article today announcing that Vince Draken from NC. will be leaving the CSM due to being unable to commit sufficient time to the council.

Vince leaves in good standing with CCP and the other council members, and, given the amount of time that CSM takes up, it is understandable that things can come up which prevent members fulfilling the role.

This leaves one seat open on the 10-person council.  The votes will not be rerun, instead, the last person to be eliminated will be asked to take the seat, and if they turn it down then the previous eliminations will be contacted in turn.

As it stands, the final elimination was Sort Dragon, so if he accepts he will take Vince Draken’s seat for the remainder of the term. If he doesn’t accept, then Kalbuir Skirate of Pandemic Horde and Killah Bee of Pandemic Legion are next in line.

Whoever takes the seat, they will be unlikely to attend the CSM Summit which kicks off in Reykjavik next week.  CCP Guard has just put out the schedule for the summit, which runs from Monday, August 21 to Thursday, August 24.

We wish whoever takes the seat the best of luck, and we will update you with the summit details as soon as they are available.

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