CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: November 17-23


Header art by Cryo Huren

Hazard Control SKINs Return

Back in the New Eden Store for a limited time are the popular Hazard Control SKINs, now expanded to cover 52 Minmatar ship types. You can also get 25% off the Morphite Shine and Tronhadar Ink SKINs until November 24, the day this story gets published, so hurry up and grab yours now if you want them, as they will be retired!

Explosive Velocity Update

Coming soon, on November 24, will be an update to the damage application for torpedoes and dreadnaught hulls. XL torpedoes will get increased damage, explosion velocity, and missile velocity. Regular torpedoes are getting buffs to explosion and missile velocities, and an increase in explosion radius. Additionally, the Phoenix is getting a buff: its CPU and powergrid are being increased, to give it more room for a high slot utility. The Moros is also getting a slot layout change, losing a mid and gaining a low. The Griffin Navy Issue is slated to become an ECM drone boat, and will be getting bonuses and changes to configuration with that in mind.

Stealth Bombers will be getting a slight nerf, to compensate for the changes to torpedoes so that their effective application stays about the same as it currently stands.

EVE Academy Tournament Special

Back on November 19, CCP Aurora broke down the commentary on the EVE_NT Tournament to help newer players understand what’s going on. Head over to to check out the replay if you missed it.

Partnership Program

CCP is looking to partner with contributors to the EVE community. If you live stream, blog, create third-party apps, or run an EVE podcast, CCP wants to hear from you. The partnership program will offer unique benefits to members, including Omega time, unique SKINs to use as giveaways, and access to the partner-only Discord server. The Partnership Program Webpage lists the details and requirements.

Japanese Localization

If you hail from the land of the rising sun, the EVE Online client will be localized for your home language, starting on December 8. The project was the result of a collaboration between CCP and Japanese capsuleers. The client now joins with the website, store, account management, forums and the EVE Portal companion app in being localized for Japanese, encouraging more pilots from Japan to sign up.

Abyssal Proving Grounds: 2v2 Tactical Destroyers

From November 20-24, head off to the Abyssal Proving grounds and fight for dominance in 2v2 Tactical Destroyer matches. The rules: only one of each hull per team, modules are meta 5 and below, and no pirate implant sets. If you don’t want to take part yourself, you can always keep track of the progress using the leaderboard system. Good luck!

Until Next Week

That’s it for this week. See you next time!

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