CCP Weekly Wrap Up: February 16-22, 2021


Header art by Cryo Huren

Guardian’s Gala – Claim Your Gifts

If you are still missing log in rewards for the Guardian’s Gala, make sure to grab those before February 23 at 11:00 UTC. Rewards include the usual haul of skill points, and SKINs. You also have until the deadline to hit some of the Gala sites and grab faction items, SKINs, and Overseer’s Effects which can be sold for ISK.

Bastions of War Update

The new Bastions of War update is coming soon. Marauders have received a damage buff in the form of changes to the Bastion module, which will now increase the rate of fire for all large weapons by 50%. In addition, the Vargur has had its bonus changed from 5% Rate of Fire to 7.5% Large Projectile Damage.

Interdictors are also being changed slightly, with the Eris, Flycatcher, and Heretic receiving slight buffs, since nobody uses those ships. The Flycatcher and Heretic will receive some hitpoint increases in the form of extra shield and armor respectively, while the Eris will receive further reductions in the penalties to plate mass as well as a rate of fire increase.

The Revelation has had its Powergrid reduced, but the power and CPU requirement for XL Beams has been decreased to compensate. Stasis Webification Bubbles have had their size increased to 15KM, and their web strength bumped from up to 50% (from 30%).

Fleet Formations

Fleet formations will be coming soon to EVE, with Point, Sphere, Arrow, Wall, and Plane formations. Fleet Commanders will be able to adjust the shape, size, and spacing to accommodate various use cases. Additionally, there will be a “relative” formation which will simply take the fleet’s current positions and warp them to the destination in the same arrangement.

We covered this topic more in depth here at INN, and members of CCP sat down with Pando and Isa Shana for an episode of FC Chat which can be viewed here. Definitely check out both of those resources for more information.

Mass Test on Singularity February 23, 2021 at 17:00 UTC

There will be a mass test on Singularity covering the new Fleet Formation mechanics on Tuesday, February 23, at 17:00 UTC, which is probably about the time you are reading this. Make sure to jump on the test, as CCP can only simulate so many ships at a time by themselves.

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