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Bringing player-driven weapon development to Eve

Submission 2015-06-05

Note: As an editorial piece, this article reflects the opinions of the author and not TMC as a whole. Throughout history man has used his imagination to devise new weapons, improve existing weapons and copy those of the enemy. This…

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A New Player’s Guide to EVE’s Most Common Scams

Worldshatter 2015-06-04

To the uninitiated, EVE Online is a very scary game, to them it’s a game in which everything you hold dear could be destroyed at any moment, and around every corner lurk gangs of devious individuals, looking to take you…

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Submission 2015-06-02

Two Megathron-class Battleships down in a twenty-four hour period with illogical fittings, or are they? At 21:31 on the 31st of May in the system of J231710, Crystal Yaken, a member of the wormhole corporation Seven Guardians lost a Megathron with…

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ALOD: You Sure Showed Them!

Submission 2015-06-02

Family-run corporations are one of the most fantastic ways to play Eve. You have the safety and security of knowing your family will take care of each other while gaining the low tax rate, shared corporate hangars, and other benefits…

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Dev Blog: Fozziesov Delayed

Submission 2015-06-01

CCP Fozzie released a new Dev Blog on June 1st announcing a small delay in the next set of sovereignty changes. The changes that were scheduled for July 7th release of Aegis have been moved back one week to July…

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ALOD: How to Not Haul in New Eden

TMC Archives 2015-06-01

Hauling is the lifeblood of EVE. Without it and industry, no supers can die, no titans can be tackled, and EVE would be boring. Hauling makes our little cluster of stars, space mad players, and scheming CEOs go round. This…

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Imperium Revenant Sacrificed, Mordus Angels Deceived

Anehii 2015-05-31

May 31, 2015. 22:30 UTC.  The dust has now settled at JU-0WQ, Planet III, Moon 1; the site where a Revenant Supercarrier, valued at approximinately 105b isk and piloted by dabigredboat (DBRB), was sacrified to the Welp Godsby the Imperium.  This kill marks the fourth…

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Sov Changes and the Null Trade Hub Renaissance

Submission 2015-05-28

Note: As an editorial piece, this article reflects the opinions of the author and not TMC as a whole. Trade hubs in null-sec have always been a fickle affair. Depending on the size, activity, and sovereignty controlled by an alliance,…

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ALOD: Another Case of Rhea Reckless Abandon

TMC Archives 2015-05-27

May 26, 2015, Jita, The Forge, approximately 21:00 UTC. Cr0nix of Emitethunter Entepresises, having recently renewed his pilot license, was in the process of moving over 20 billion ISK of his assets in his Rhea-class jump freighter from the Jita IV, Moon…

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ALOD: A tale of two Rorquals

Submission 2015-05-27

This ALOD is quite a painful one for the owner of three capital ships who is now down to one as a result of some sub-optimal choices regarding evacuation from Brothers of Tangra space in the North East. For reasons…

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Eve PvE’s Optimization Problem

Submission 2015-05-26

Note: As an editorial piece this article reflects the opinions of the author and not TMC as a whole. Eve player versus environment (PvE) gameplay is, to put it mildly, substantially worse than PvE in other massively multiplayer online games…

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ALOD: Gankers Reap Tears; 40 Billion ISK in Jita

Submission 2015-05-26

Jita, despite being the largest trade hub in New Eden, is also incredibly dangerous for anyone as it is a favorite spot of gankers. And despite the best efforts of many haulers and traders, they often meet their end here…

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Love Squad Kills 110b ISK Titan in Delve

Submission 2015-05-24

Love Squad, a member of The Confederation of xXPIZZAXx successfully killed the 110 billion ISK Avatar belonging to Amarrian Guardian. The kill took place in the system of 1-2J4P in the Delve region at midday on May 24. The titan…

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CCP Announces More Sentry Nerfs

Submission 2015-05-22

CCP Fozzie announced three more changes to sentry drones in a brief dev post today. He explained the intent behind the changes: “These are a very specific and limited set of changes that we believe will benefit the game, but…