156B ISK AT HAC Down in Amamake


The Command Destroyer

As many players in EVE have seen, the newly released command destroyers are creating a lot of fun on station undocks. For those that are not sure why, let us explain. The command destroyers utilize a new module called a Micro Jump Field Generator to move almost everything within 6km of the destroyer’s location to a point 100km away (including the destroyer). At current, many smaller teams are timing multiple command destroyers to link the MJDs. When using overlapping MJDs, as seen in the video below, the attacking group will spool up two or more command destroyers fractions of a second after one another. This teleports the attackers 100km on top of the target and then immediately jumps the attacking fleet with the victim another 100km away. Below is a video of Russian players doing just this in the system of 5ZXX-K:

EVE Online PVP New Command Destroyer

The Adrestia

Bluemelon of Pandemic Legion, who wishes to be called Viceroy of Amamake, met the same fate on December 15 at 0256 EVE time. His Alliance Tournament VIII heavy assault cruiser fit to the teeth with faction/officer mods and worth 156B ISK was destroyed  in the Heimatar region system of Amamake by three attackers. The attackers Arctic Monkey, Aecory, and Missy Lorelai of Together We Solo were in a small fleet consisting of two Vexor Navy Issues and one Magus (Gallente command destroyer). Wondering how this could have happened to a pilot known for his success in Alliance Tournament ships, TMC reached out to him to get all of the details.

TMC: First off, thank you for your time and we are glad to get ahold of you in such short notice. How on earth did this happen to you?

Bluemelon: It is pretty simple really. After the patch came out with the command destroyers, I had not updated my overiew. I was going out again as usual to do some solo brawling PVP after sixteen hours of surgery (Bluemelon is an AM surgeon) and I didn’t have the new destroyers in the overview on this computer. I was sitting on the undock, sorting out my overview, got MJDd away, then was tackled, and four logistics ships and two VNIs show up.

TMC: Were you not able to fight any of them off when they tackled you?

Bluemelon: No, right when they grabbed me the server exploded and I was left helpless. This may also be why only three pilots showed up on the kill, as the others were probably kicked from the game as well when the server went down.

TMC: That’s awful! Maybe you can work something out with CCP since the disconnect was the server’s fault. Why the insanely priced fit though? Do you fit it like that just for fun?

Bluemelon: The fit works out pretty well. It does about 1.1k DPS, has lots of EHP, and is very fast for an armored vessel. The other fit I have is a railgun shield fit. I am a man that likes to run at people and punch them till I die, or they do.

TMC: Some folks say you have multiples of that ship, is that true and do you plan on taking the last one out again?

Bluemelon: Yea of course! I have about twenty-three AT ships at last count.

TMC: Do you have any regrets?

Bluemelon: Other than not having a proper overview, no. That ship has killed quite a lot and I have 70 or so kills in it. One time I was solo killing a carrier and friends came in to help drop it.

TMC: When you go out next time, are you going to use the same fits? I think a bunch of EVE players are going to be looking for you knowing you put officer modules on your ships!

Bluemelon: Probably. At current my second ship is shield fit and I plan on going right back out. Noone wants to lose these ships, but I fight in them and I’m known for that to an extent. The next loss will happen at some point.

TMC: Awesome! Is there anything or anyone you want to give a shout out to?

Bluemelon: Yes, to all the folks out there crap posting on these kinds of losses: Having never owned, seen, or ever been close to owning one, they are very quick to jump on the hate bandwagon. So if I were them, I’d applaud the people who use limited edition ships in glorious battle and suggest they try to do it themselves… even if you go full retard and die to a destroyer.

TMC will be reaching out to the three pilots on the kill to get their perspective of the fight and will update the article as information comes in.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Lemba.

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