Burn Jita 5 begins, Promising More Damage Than Ever


“Breaking News: Local authorities have declared a state of emergency for the Forge region in general following an official press release from a coalition of terrorist ‘ganking’ organizations. Reports are starting to flood into the local concord control and dispatch centers at an alarming rate. Analysts suggest that this year’s “Burn Jita” will be bigger than ever.”

It’s that time of year again, kids. Burn Jita is once more upon us. For the new readers, or the exceptionally sheltered, Burn Jita is an annual event where those lovable scamps from The Imperium’s Ministry Of Love (MINILUV) join forces with CODE. and other well-known high value ganking groups to interdict as much shipping as possible from Eve’s beating heart.

Some years advertise this even well in advance. Other years the kick off is obfuscated behind claims that it has been called off or otherwise rescheduled. This year the call has been kept quite close to the vest, but will it make any real difference? The anecdotal data suggests that it won’t matter. Even when the dates are widely broadcast, pilots in general, and freighter pilots especially, seem to fly with a blatant disregard to safety measures. Wise pilots may choose dock up for the weekend and take a vacation, but there has yet to be a shortage of targets over Burn Jita weekends.

With the 2018 event having kicked off at 1400 EVE on March 2, there should be some amusing and interesting kills in the coming days. This article will be updated through the day to include kills that the INN team find noteworthy.

[14:25] The first kill of the day; a Providence, valued at 7.83 billion ISK, was killed by a fleet FC’d by MINILUV’s own Boneytooth Thompkins ISK-Chip. The gank occurred at 14:06, and cause TiDi in Jita to spike as far as 52%. More kills are expected in quick succession.

[14:45] The third kill of the event was an Anshar with a value of 11.22 billion ISK. The first Jump Freighter to die, this particular pilot was moving high-value moongoo through the route from Tribute to Jita. It surely will not be the last moongoo-laden hauler to submit to MINILUV’s onslaught – we may see prices for such materials rise steadily throughout the weekend.

[19:30] Having now lost the ability to accurately track numbers of dead freighters and other valuable targets, INN brings you a 16.80 billion ISK Ark kill, notable for being configured in the most tank-based setup available to freighter pilots. The pilot is believed to have links to Legacy Coalition, and was killed by a coordinated strike from two separate Burn Jita fleets. The ganked pilot also lost his capsule and clone, which contained implants worth an additional 1.33 billion ISK. We hope to bring you more interesting kills in the coming hours.

[20:12] INN has recently been made aware of a small ganking squadron that was active before the official start of the weekend’s festivities. This squadron managed to break a Charon with a staggering value of 42.33 billion ISK, using only 25 pilots. As far as we can tell, this kill is the highest-value target killed throughout the course of the day thus far, and is all the more impressive for having been caught and killed by such a small number of Goonswarm’s finest gank pilots.

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  • Cloon McCloon

    Not that the outcome would have changed, but as far as the Ark in concerned, ORE Bulkheads will give a JF over half a million EHP, which is a fair bit more tank than you get with the A-Type nano’s he had fit, but at the cost of cargo space.

    Having a full tanked JF is a bad idea anyways… Much safer splitting the load and taking two trips in a Deep Space Transport after your last jump before Jita, fit to insta warp with the MWD/Cloak trick.

    March 3, 2018 at 4:42 AM