BREAKING: Fortizar Brawl in XVV-21


A sizable subcap brawl has sparked over an FCON Fortizar armor timer in XVV-21.

Goonswarm, INIT, CO2, TEST, and FCON are all on grid with various subcap fleets. CO2, TEST, FCON and Brave have entered the fray to defend the besieged structure, with Imperium forces being joined by Snuffed Out.
Fleet compositions include Tengus, Feroxes, Typhoons, and Omen Navy Issues.

Goonswarm and TEST are also both fielding bomber wings with varying levels of success.

As of 19:55 Eve Time, the Fortizar is currently paused at 2 minutes and 41 seconds at about half of its armor volume. With local beginning to pass 1000 pilots, reinforcements and additional forces from other alliances are en route.

Slightly after 20:10 Eve Time, a carrier fleet has entered the system. Its combat objectives are unknown.

Live Coverage of the battle can be viewed here.

As of 20:00 Eve Time, forces from Triumvirate. and NC. have arrived in system, the Fortizar has repaired and is now secure until its next vulnerability window opens in 22 hours.

Preliminary battle reports have begun to surface on zKill and evf. As with most inital battlereports, sides may be improperly stated and difficult to ascertain until some time has passed. At present, it appears that losses have been roughly equal on both sides.

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  • Rhivre

    Seems like the post-timer fight is more of a confusing mess than the fight itself.

    July 4, 2017 at 8:14 PM