Armor Plates and Shield Extenders Next for Tiericide


The ongoing project of Module Tiericide will see continued work in the upcoming June 2nd release.

The module tiericide is an ongoing project that was first announced at the Ship and Module Balancing presentation from 2014’s Fanfest, and later explained in the following August by CCP Fozzie.
The end goal to alter the meta level progression to give players more interesting choices from the named modules. With CCP Fozzie stating that “Named modules have suffered from the same problem that the old Tech One ship tiers faced before Tiericide; there’s virtually no reason to use anything other than the top level”

The current Goals of Module Tiericide

  • Reduce unnecessary complexity
  • Provide meaningful options within the module set

The current focus of this most recent iteration of tiericide is explained by CCP Delegate Zero in a recent forum post. Aiming to focus on Shield Extenders and Armor Plates this tiericide will be try to make new sense of the seldom used “micro” modules. The smallest version of these modules see very little practical use, and Delegate Zero states “for this pass we have decided to eliminate the obviously subpar options represented by 50mm and micro modules and see how matters develop.”

The pattern of change according to the forum post :

  • Remove the clearly superfluous ’50mm’ and ‘micro’ size categories.
  • Consolidate ‘Named’ modules from meta levels 1-4 into two variants within meta level 1 – a ‘compact’ variant and a ‘restrained’ variant.
  • Maintain the general positioning and power level of Tech II variants in the families.
  • Place ‘Storyline’ variants in a place that is somewhere between the ‘compact’ and Tech II variants in terms of relevant stats.
  • Significantly enhance the appeal of ‘Faction’ variants with substantial relative easing of fitting and increases in bonuses, while maintaining relatively low penalties.
  • Establish diversity within the ‘Faction’ variants by adjusting stats in broadly in line with thematic notes as far as available tuning allows.

This consolidation of modules will not truly eliminate the micro/50mm modules, but will however rename them and rework them to make more sense. The 50mm will be converted into ‘Storyline‘ 100mm variants with low fitting requirements, and lessened penalties. Micro shield extenders will see a similar merge by becoming small shield extenders in the same way.

CCP Delegate Zero has prepared some document sheets to show the proposed changes in detail :

Armor Plates Module Tiericide
Shield Extender Module Tiericide

For players eager to see these changes in action; they are already live on the Singularity test server.

This article originally appeared on, written by Wolf Merrik.

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