Anger Games: Rebirth – Signups!


Header Art By Cryo Huren

As of 1100 EVE today (January 23), signups for the Anger Games: Rebirth are officially open!

The process is nice and simple: Team Captains must join the Official AG Discord server, and then post in the rather obvious #signups channel with their team name and in-game captain character. Additionally, 2000 PLEX needs to be contracted to the in-game character “Anger Games Admin”. This contract does not have to be made by the team captain, but MUST contain the team name in the contract description.

As a reminder, the first 24 teams to register completely (Discord signup AND PLEX contract) will have a guaranteed spot in the Anger Games, while the final eight slots will be filled by random draw! (Random draw will only occur if more than 32 teams sign up.)

Signups will be closed at 1100 EVE on February 7, giving teams a full two weeks to complete the signup process. Then, at 2000 EVE on February 7, we will be conducting a livestream to announce our full team roster, including the random draw for those last eight slots.

The Anger Games takes place live on Twitch from 1830 EVE on April 24+25 and May 1+2, and from 1845 EVE on May 8+9.

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