An Evening Killing Triglavians


Header Art by Redline XIII

It’s my firm belief that CCP believes, for now, that the Triglavians are the future of EVE’s gameplay and features. We’ve seen the Triglavians invade more and more systems as they moved into lowsec regions, even hitting starter and new-player career agent systems, clearly a wide scale force to which to give some form of attention. Outside of the invaded systems, roaming gangs hunt unsuspecting miners in the belts. You can even find Triglavian sites all over high security space in the form of an emerging conduit.

WTF is an Emerging Conduit?

With the focus of the Triglavians being a group PvE event similar to incursions, you need around 10 players to run a site—a mixture of DPS, logi, and support ships. For some, this limits access to the Triglavians, as theses sites are where you get the DED LP for the skins, skill books and skins for ships, as well as the salvage from the ships that provide the building material for all the T2 Triglavian ships. 

An Emerging Conduit helps fix that and makes it more accessible to all players by placing theses sites all over New Eden, allowing less competition in lower-populated systems as well as not having to deal with the negative effects on the system from the invasion. They are what I consider to be a demo of the Triglavian invasions, allowing players to cut their teeth on sites and gain some form of an understanding, as well as provide access to the LP and materials for everyone.

Each site has three waves, the first two are uneventful with a small random number of frigs and destroyers, each with a random EWAR effect. These waves should be easy to deal with. The final wave can be random with varying numbers of destroyers versus frigs, but will always have one cruiser NPC that provides the most incoming damage. It should be noted that at time of writing, no rats use any form of warp scrambling, so you are able to warp out and back if your tank is breaking.

While the ISK payout from loot does vary with loot drops, you can walk away with decent, unstable mutaplasmids, as well as all the different building materials to build T2 Triglavian ships, along with skill books and LP for the DED store. While the sites can be soloed by a higher-end player, they were designed for up to three people giving logi and support via spider tanking.

The following is the fit I used:

[Drekavac, Simulated Drekavac Fitting]

Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane

Corelum B-Type Medium Armor Repairer

Reactive Armor Hardener

Damage Control II

Entropic Radiation Sink II

Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane

Corelum B-Type Medium Armor Repairer


Federation Navy Stasis Webifier

Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery

‘Thurifer’ Large Cap Battery

Imperial Navy Cap Recharger


Salvager I

Salvager I

Salvager I

Veles Heavy Entropic Disintergrator


Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II


Valkyrie II x7

Salvage Drone I x9

This fit comes in at around the 2b mark, with low-grade armour implants. While this is considered overkill, it allows me to run the sites in complete safety. The character I used also has less than 7m skill points but is designed for running Triglavian sites.

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