Ajna Sotiyo Scuffle – GSF vs LSH and Friends

Hopeful Turtle 2017-12-28

Between 2000 and 2100 EVE on December 28, the low-sec system of Ajna in Aridia saw a decidedly one-sided battle between capital ships of Goonswarm Federation (GSF) and LowSechnaya Sholupen (LSH). The end result almost looks like it should be a fleet-sized ALOD. When INN went digging just a bit, though, we found a little more to the story of this 500M to 25B ISK battle report.

What happened?

A day earlier, on December 27, GSF scouts located a Blood Raiders Sotiyo in the low-sec system of Ajna. Further, monitoring of LowSechnaya Sholupen indicated that they were planning to run the site in Titans. L2azorClear, a GSF FC and member of Tritanium Industries and Technology, decided to contest their run of the site by launching a trap.

Planning went smoothly. When LSH ran the site, L2azor sprang the trap. Unfortunately, due to a spy on GSF comms, LSH evaded the trap and escaped. But L2azor did not give up, and camped the system for the next 36 hours to deny them content. Meanwhile, GSF anchored a Raitaru on grid with the Sotiyo, with intent to making it easier to run and making LSH operations harder.

With 1 minute left on the anchoring timer, LSH and their assorted friends deployed 5 carriers to pause it. L2azor knew it was bait, but thought it best to have some fun and meet them on the field on relatively even terms. Ships clashed in the small but fierce brawl that ensued, but the FAXes brought by LSH made it hard for GSF forces to apply enough damage, and so the action turned against the Goons. However, according to L2azor, it was ‘It was a good time’, and the mood of the participants was upbeat. To quote L2azor:

“Everyone involved said they had fun and would do it again. Everyone is super supportive when it comes to actually going and doing things, even if we do lose ships. Some content with friends is better than just sitting around doing nothing all the time, and that’s why I love my corp. Everyone is awesome to work with and we all fight together and die together.

Who was involved?

Goonswarm Federation

A small force, mainly from Tritanium Industries and Technology, comprising 10 carriers, 2 interceptors and a cyno Ibis.

Assorted Anti-Goon Forces

A capital force consisting of four dreadnoughts, four FAXes and five carriers mainly from LowSechnaya Sholupen.

A kitchen-sink subcapital fleet of around 25 pilots, mainly consisting of Devoters and Hurricanes.


What’s next?

Despite this setback, L2azor has not given up. He intends to keep camping the Sotiyo in order to deny content to LSH. Therefore, the situation is something of a stalemate. No matter what happens going forward, we will keep you updated. This was the news on the 28th of December, 2017, from the Ajna system.

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  • NekaNoka

    So, it’s just another “Titan is primary, load tracking ammo”….

    December 29, 2017 at 12:09 pm
  • Joe Barbarian

    The Interceptors, Vexor and Ibis on the battle report were all dropped or died in the carrier. They were unpiloted, the goonswarm forces were just a bunch of badly fitted carriers.

    If L2azor clear plans to feed over 25 billion is shit fit carriers every time LSH runs the sotiyo does LSH need anymore incentive to run the site? Asking for a friend.

    December 29, 2017 at 12:26 pm
  • hurf

    atleast he stole a LSH aeon later in the evening to make up for it

    December 30, 2017 at 4:31 am