24 hours streaming for Macmillan Cancer Support

Kaemai is streaming to benefit Macmillan Cancer Support

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Earlier in the week, I heard about a corp member planning to complete a 24 hour gaming marathon, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity close to his heart. Kiemai will be playing a wide selection of games on Twitch, including a capital ship roam in Eve Online, starting from 18:00 BST (17:00 UTC) on May 23.

I sat down with Kiemai and we talked about his upcoming adventure.

INN: Hello! So I hear that you’re planning to run a 24 hour streaming event in support of a charity?
Kiemai: I am. I will be doing a 24 hour streaming event for Macmillan Cancer Support as part of their Gaming Heroes initiative. My goal is to raise at least £100 to help provide care and support to those affected by cancer.

INN: That’s great to hear. Have you ever done this before?
Kiemai: I have. I did this last year and raised just over £150 and then had to go for an interview for my current placement.

INN: Great timing. Can I ask why you’re setting this goal?
Kiemai: Basically, £100 pays for a few sessions for patients to have some social interaction with those in the same boat while having medical professionals about to provide more help and information.

My dad went to a few of these sessions when he was ill and they really helped him. Unfortunately he passed away, 14 years ago this year, due to his cancer; but the comfort he got from the sessions makes me want to help give something back.

INN: I’m sorry to hear about your loss, but the sessions sound great, helping people by showing them that they are not alone in this must really be something.
Kiemai: Yeah. He made a few friends in those sessions; some of who survived their cancer and some who didn’t. I’m still friends with the children of one of his friends.

INN: Well it’s great to hear that you’re planning to support such a great cause. What’s the plan for streaming? Do we have a timetable?
Kiemai: Well from 18:00 BST I will be starting the stream off with either a roam until every ship is dead in Eve Online starting in Delve and heading out to low sec, or with some PUBG or other games, and throughout the 24 hours I’ll be playing a variety of games such as Conan Exiles, League of Legends, Dead Rising 4, Subnautica, and some undetermined others. The stream will run from 18:00 Wednesday 23 to to 18:00 Thursday 24.

INN: Sounds great, good mixture of games. Streaming on twitch?
Kiemai: Yeah. It will be live on Twitch.

INN: And if people wanted to support you, what’s the best way to do so? Do you have a fund raising page set up?
Kiemai: There is a fundraising page. As for support, either donating or spreading the word about the stream. I will be mostly playing multiplayer games so I’m more than happy to play with the audience.

INN: I’m sure Eve players will be happy to help you along with the roam.
Kiemai: A lot of my corp has offered to come along, including donation of the ‘flagship’ of the roam – a carrier – and fittings kindly donated by my CEO and two other members of my corp (Travis Wells, Brut Soldier and Talars Mephisto) as well as some friends from wormhole corp Adhocracy.

INN: Sounds like it be a blast, how far do you expect to reach?
Kiemai: Honestly? Not very far! But I have some other things planned for Eve too.

INN: Sweet, I’m looking forward to watching. Anything else you’d like to add?
Kiemai: Even if you cannot donate or come along to the stream, maybe consider seeing about how you can help out with some charity or good cause in your local area.

INN is happy to help spread the word about Kiemai’s stream and to support Macmillan Cancer Support. If you’re planning a roam, welp, or other gaming event for charity, INN is interested in hearing about it!

Please consider supporting Kiemai, with more details available here.

Editor’s note: since the interview, Kiemai has raised over on £250 in both online and offline donations and has since moved his goal to £450. The start time on the stream has also been moved forward to 18:00 BST.

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  • Rhivre

    Good luck Kiemai 🙂

    May 23, 2018 at 3:27 PM
    • Ryan Rhivre

      I’ll be tuning in when you kick this off 🙂 Good luck and well done raising well over your original target already!

      May 24, 2018 at 12:12 AM
  • Talars Mephisto

    So far we raised 300 britsh isk units.


    And we did a offer to the Space Gods.

    May 24, 2018 at 7:20 AM