Devpost: Update to Planned Cyno Changes


As everyone knows by now, one major change in the next update is which ships can use the different types of cynos. Currently, there are two types in the game: the standard cyno that any ship with the fittings and cargo space can light, as well as the covert ops (covops) cynos that only a small range of ships can light. This means that supers and titans are able to light cynos and drop other supers and titans, making ratting and mining safe when people are alert and paying attention.

To catch you up, this all changes with the September update which removes the normal cynos from any ship and limiting their use to force recons and black ops ships. This means that players wanting to drop faxes, supers and other capital ships will now need a force recon or blops alt standing by to provide the cyno when needed. With the recon EHP being far less than the standard capital ship, this will also mean less time to jump once the cyno has been lit. 

Jump freighters were also going to have to use covops cynos, however this raised an issue with players needing to train a covops, bomber or Prospect,as well as training cyno to V to be able to move around their JF. The changes would also have affected the ease of holding a cyno vigil when remembering lost players. The ISK and skill requirements would have been much higher.

CCP Rise posted an update to the thread on August 26, to introduce a third cyno usable by jump freighters and able to be fit in standard industrial ships, Deep Space Transports and Blockade Runners. It will also only require Cyno I. JFs will use this new cyno to jump to, giving pilots an easy train to get cynos, as well as providing players with a low skillpoint cyno for cyno vigils. The changes are on SiSi at the moment, and as always, are subject to change before the patch goes live.

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  • They should’ve just put a 250mw power requirement on the vanilla cyno generator, deleted interdiction nullification subsystems for T3s, and called it a day: eliminates cynos on nullified things, eliminates cynos on insta-warp things, and leaves you with options that are interdictable and don’t cost 300m isk. The game doesn’t need even more arbitrary modules / fitting rules.

    August 28, 2019 at 11:24 PM
    • morondo kind Ganthrithor

      Taking into account that they are trying to make rorq mining and supers ratting less secure I don’t see how leaving cyno to those ships helps

      August 29, 2019 at 7:28 PM
      • Super and Rorqual mining is already a complete shit show, they don’t need to nerf it anymore. If you think Rorquals are OP you must be living under a rock: pro-tip– it’s literally impossible to use excavator drones now since anyone with a bomber can uncloak and frag them instantly with zero warning. According to CCP, super ratting fell off a cliff already back in winter/spring when they nerfed fighters. If CCP feel Rorqs or supers need further adjustment, they should nerf Rorqs and supers or adjust the way their PvE content works, not force EVERYBODY IN THE GAME to spend 300m on cyno ships. The cyno nerf is pants-on-head retarded.

        August 30, 2019 at 5:41 AM