Twitch V Eve – PvP Roam tonight at 2200

Rhivre 2017-03-31

Tonight in an event organised by Raiden Harmann, a collection of Eve streamers sets off on roams across New Eden.

Starting out at 2200, Zarvox Toral will be FCing a fleet of streamers, then after an hour, or when the fleet is destroyed, Bjorn Bee will take out a second fleet, followed by Jin’taan and ChristopherWow as the 3rd and 4th FCs respectively.

Many of the most recognisable names from Eve Streaming are taking part, including INNs own DaBigRedBoat and KenMasters2126.

The full list of streamers involved is:

Bjorn Bee, MarkeeDragon, Zarvox Toral, Fintarue, Lysus, Rahne Chocolate, scaredpanda, Evescout, CrassKitty, ChristopherWow, Suitonia, RobandTorigaming, Defiant Daniel, Fireculex, FranktheBank22, GSYBoy, DaBigRedBoat, Hamektok, Andy_Virus, HatelessGaming, KenMasters2126, Jammer, OttoBismark, ChYph3er, RuneShiftGaming, Dahox_Lacefe, Brick Rickman, Equliser11, Gommel Nox, NottyGaming, Oddsodz, ThatToxicGuy, Plexed, Progodlegend, SchwingSchwing, TintenKilla, TheVehementRose, Zombieslicer, oh and me, Raiden Harmann.

The stream will be going out on Twitch, as well as the twitch channels of each streamer involved, and CCPs twitch.

CCP have donated prizes for the streamers taking part to give out, including 9 PLEX and 9 IGC skins per fleet. These will be distributed for random killmails, so the final blow on 18 of the killmails on each fleet will result in a prize. There are also additional prizes being given out, including a 3.3bn Kronos for the final blow on the first Killmail of Raiden Harmann. Urban Oxide (Oxidiousgaming on Twitch) has also very generously donated an additional 36 PLEX to be distributed among the prizes for each fleet.  Prizes will be limited to one per capsuleer, so make sure you get on as many killmails as possible!

If you want to be involved in shooting at the streamers and winning prizes, then get out hunting them, by whatever means you prefer, but, I would recommend you bring a fleet to face them, otherwise you will explode gloriously and miss out on the prizes!

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  • Parv

    I hope we see DBRB whelping a fleet

    March 31, 2017 at 5:18 PM
  • KaitieG

    At least he help his fleet with getting kills dude.

    March 31, 2017 at 6:34 PM
  • Thomas Hagan

    Forgot RSG is one of INN’s streamers 🙁

    April 1, 2017 at 6:27 AM