Tribute War Intensifies

Moomin Amatin 2016-11-27

In the beginning

Despite Co2’s love of Tribute, those members who have been with them for their entire journey will know that their roots prior to this were in Venal. It can be argued that there are a great deal of similarities between MoA and Co2, at least in their formative days. MoA used to solely live in NPC Pure Blind and ensure that The Imperium ratters were kept in check. Well, the less attentive ones at least.

MoA did not last for long within The Imperium and continued to role play in Pure Blind. Co2’s performance within The Imperium ensured that they remained a member for many years and grew in a way that MoA did not. But both have very similar origins of using NPC null space to offer a foundation for their respective alliances.

Gigx, leader of Co2, has again been rallying the troops. Contrary to his earlier morale sessions, he seems to have resigned himself to not being able to fight for Tribute in quite the way he had expected. With the combination of Norther Coalition (NC), Pandemic Horde and Pandemic Legion (PL), PanFam, demonstrating how easy it is to use capitals to secure an objective, reality has been restored.

Given the history of Gigx, this seems a somewhat rational move which is a little unexpected. Perhaps this is due to the influence of SUAS gaining more control within Co2 as a whole. If SUAS is more in control then it is unlikely for Machariel fleets to be self-destructed as has been seen before.

Now we see Co2 making a similar move to Venal. From Venal they will be able to harass a number of regions quite easily while based in the comparative safety of NPC null space. Although it is not expected for Co2 to field the dreaded Cormorant doctrines most flown by MoA as yet, it may be in their future.

There has been a drop in membership from the Co2 ranks of late. Although some of this could be attributed to the kicking of members who would rather rat than participate, there are also signs of others leaving for other reasons. There has even been a good deal or two in the M-OEE8 market place. There was an accidental fire sale of a Titan for 100 million from Co2. Normally they are 100 billion.

With the pressure of war on income and personal assets, and the prospect of a guerilla styled conflict in the future, more Co2 members are likely to consider moving on to fairer pastures. There is a glimmer of hope that a halt to a large reduction in Co2’s numbers occur, which will be covered a little further into this article.

The current state of M-O

The Co2 Keepstar in the system M-O now has company. Horde, NC and PL have placed their own Astrahus citadels within easy reach of the Co2 Keepstar.

The benefits of a citadel are only too apparent to both sides of this conflict, with the large structures offering safe grid movement and the ability for friendly ships to tether and be secure. Each has three timers that need to be won in order for it to be removed. No simple task at the best of times should it be defended. A veritable oasis in a hostile landscape. It should also be noted that the offensive capabilities of a citadel, regardless of size, are not to be underestimated. Their doomsday weapon can do 90,000 damage, destroying multiple supercapitals in one shot.


Illustration of Keepstar’s Doomsday weapon

Combat options are still available to Co2 should they wish to take them. They have in fact made a couple of good moves in the last week. The re-timing of the Keepstar vulnerability window gave them a full week to consider their options. Although the first vulnerability timer is due out on Sunday, November 27, there would of course have to be an additional two timers before the first live Keepstar death would be seen.

Co2 moved the main part of their capital fleet to Aunenen last Wednesday. Some commentators saw this as the evacuation of key Co2 assets to relative safety. Although this is perfectly plausible the fact is that Co2 now have an option to jump their capital fleet into M-O should the opportunity present itself. This is something that the PamFam are likely to not be overly fearful of but will have to take into consideration. It is also interesting to see the Lenny Trade Network being used in this way.

Orders have also been given for the Co2 sub-cap fleet to remain at the Keepstar for its defence.

The first Keepstar timer is due

There was some talk of Co2 selling the Keepstar, but this has been an idea rejected by Gigx in his most recently leaked alliance meeting. The Co2 Keepstar will either be defended or destroyed.

All the pieces are now relatively well set. Co2 of course in M-O with their cap fleet in Aunenen. Test close by in TVN along with OOS, Snuff and Project Mayhem also not too far away. Co2 and Test alliance bring 13k members to the field alone. Last Wednesday saw 700 active Co2 players just in the M-O system to cover their capital move. Approximately 100 Co2 players were then seen in Aunenen. The 100 observed are likely to form the bulk of their capitals but even more are likely to be present with some just catching up.

The PamFam also have similar numbers for their core of Horde, PL and NC. The types of ships that can be fielded by them is very different. PL and NC have a capital fleet that will match anything that Co2 and friends could muster and far more besides. The PamFam also have many other “blue not blues” they can call upon to offer sub-capital support.

Even with the advantage in fire-power and numbers from the PamFam there are still elements that are beyond their control. These can come from the antics of bomber fleets known to be operating in the area, as well as any other third party interested in some “dank frags.” This is unlikely to truly upset the balance of power on the Keepstar grid but may deter the PamFam should an embarrassing loss or two occur.

The ever changing landscape of null

SUAS has embedded himself well within the Co2 command structure and at times seems to be more in charge than Gigx. With SUAS also pushing for organisational changes it is very likely that his control will increase as time goes by. Gigx playing a smaller part in the decision making in Co2 is also supported by the unusually shrewd moves with the capital move to Aunenen, the Keepstar vulnerability window and of course the move to Venal.

On the Meta Show today there were also a number of additional developments that may give hope to, or even alter drastically, the plans of Co2. It was “leaked” by KillahBee that Horde no longer have any intention to occupy Tribute.

KillahBee also stated that the Co2 super capital production in Vale is at risk as well as Vily’s Fortizar in TVN.

Even though the PamFam are set to win this war they may have inadvertently created more issues for themselves than they had expected. With no one lined up to occupy Tribute there is nothing to stop Co2 from just moving right back in again. There are also not many candidates available who would be able to deal with the combined efforts of both Test and Co2.

If this were to happen, then the only positive gain the PamFam will have got from this endeavour is a Keepstar kill, and of course even that is not for certain. No matter the outcome of the Keepstar the PamFam would have not endeared themselves to either Co2 or Test. If PL and NC were then to leave the North, then Co2 and Test could exact considerable damage to the area and would be well motivated to do so.

With a number of timers to deal with for the Keepstar and a change in heart for the plans of Horde, the immediate future of Tribute has just become a lot more uncertain. Regardless of the longer term plans for Tribute it is still expected for lots of people to be around for the Keepstar.

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  • David Matterall

    Nice write up Moorman. I dont think Tribute war is over… and neither does gigX or Vince. I think it will mutate into something else. Keep your eye on this space.

    November 27, 2016 at 8:51 pm
  • Caleb Ayrania

    May we live in interesting times.. I took a few interesting notes from the meta show, and we are definately looking at promising things.. 🙂

    November 28, 2016 at 10:08 am