1 Legacy and PanFam have been skirmishing in Cache News

Ongoing Legacy v PanFam Fighting In Cache

JuriusDoctor 2020-04-21

Fighting continues between Legacy Coalition and PanFam in Cache, punctuated by a larger skirmish in I6-SYN this past Thursday. The battle centered on an anchoring Astrahus owned by Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST). The citadel was dropped by members of the Legacy’s…

4 Eve Online

Two Revenants down in The Forge

Rhivre 2016-10-14

On 13 October at around 19:00 Eve time in the Oijanen system of The Forge , a Fortizar belonging to Synergy of Steel [SYN] became vulnerable. Circle-of-Two [CO2], Project. Mayhem.[16-13], Snuffed Out [B.B.C] and allies turned up to attack. A defense fleet was formed…

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Submission 2015-09-10

It is widely understood that the Russian portion of EVE has not taken the implementation of Fozziesov particularly well. While most dissent about the Aegis patch from the Western corners of the game has taken place on such forums as…