8 Awful Loss of the Day

First Vanquisher Down to Project Mayhem

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-05-07

The first Faction Titan has been killed today by Project Mayhem. This Vanquisher Titan, the Serpentis variant to the Erebus, was killed in the low-sec system of Maila, a few AU off the Ghost Legion Keepstar in the system. The…

4 A Vanquisher titan in EVE Online. Eve Online

Darknesss Scams Client: Trust No One

Thel Ancora 2016-12-02

A week ago if you asked just about anyone who the three most trustworthy people in EVE Online were, most would tell you Chribba, Grendall and Darknesss. Darknesss, formally a very trusted third party who secured over 1300 supercapitals and…