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Meta Show – November 25 UAXDeath

Rhivre 2017-11-25

This weeks edition of the Meta Show had a smaller guest list than usual, and The Mittani was noticeably¬†absent. This was unfortunate, as he missed what was one of the more memorable shows in recent months. DBRB was joined by…

0 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

72: Summit in the Sunless Land

TMC Archives 2011-12-12

There is a manic biological imperative that takes hold when you are denied direct sunlight – beyond an unsatisfying gray and oppressive haze – for a week, and then at last exposed to the full brilliant sunlight that we who…

0 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

11: EVE and Loathing in Las Vegas

TMC Archives 2009-05-12

I first realized that my trip to the ‘EVE Vegas’ was going to be light on EVE and heavy on Vegas when, while seated at the Baccarat Bar in the Bellagio, my newly-minted CEO Zapawork began instructing me in the…

1 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

3: Bad Crazy in Internet Space

TMC Archives 2009-03-16

There is a jagged fissure of insanity which runs through the heart of the EVE playerbase, a kind of feverish bad crazy which you simply don’t find in other online games. Oh, sure, everyone knows a tale or two about…