35 Editorial

CCP Wants Your Unpaid Labor… or RMT.

Arrendis 2022-03-19

By now, most readers are probably familiar with the Prospector Pack fiasco of this past week-and-change. Many of CCP’s customers are celebrating the removal of the pack. Multiple members of the CSM have expressed a sense of relief that CCP…

12 Op-Ed

CCP Does not Deserve Your Trust

Quendan 2020-10-03

So I think trust is a hard thing to ask for, but it’s definitely something – the game will be in a healthy state once we’re over, once we’re done with this. CCP Rattati I do not trust CCP, and…

5 Eve Online

The Most Powerful Weapon In The Game

mistwarden 2019-01-02

The most powerful weapon in the game? It’s not a fleet of capital ships, it’s not a full titan fleet, it’s not the unbuildable Palatine Keepstar. It’s a simple thing called trust. You see, trust is what bonds us together….