CCP Wants Your Unpaid Labor… or RMT.


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By now, most readers are probably familiar with the Prospector Pack fiasco of this past week-and-change. Many of CCP’s customers are celebrating the removal of the pack. Multiple members of the CSM have expressed a sense of relief that CCP finally listened. Except the people in charge at CCP didn’t listen. Not only did they turn a deaf ear, they waited nine days to send out CCP Swift to issue a statement any competent PR flack would have run screaming for the hills at being handed. The statement was, by turns, dishonest, dismissive, insulting, and even downright alarming. Because buried in among the half-truths and careful manipulation of appearances, CCP told us that Play To Earn is coming to EVE. The only question is whether or not the people Playing will get a slice of the Earning.

And either way, it’s shit.

The Statement

“Economic impact and the integrity of the player economy are a top priority. We have limited this pack to one per account and are closely monitoring its effect on the player market. One of the topics for Fanfest is a new project that we’re in the middle of developing, that will transform these and any future packs – a paradigm where packs of this type will be supplied by players, ensuring that any ship we offer to new players through sales, will have origins from actual player work in New Eden: Made for new players, by veterans. This feature will also not only supply each ship from the player base but allow the community to influence which ships will be put in these packs.

-CCP Swift

In other words, CCP plans to keep on selling fitted ships. But now, those fitted ships will come from the in-game labors of CCP’s existing customers. So that’s good, right? That means the packs won’t infringe on the in-game economy, because what’s being sold will come from the in-game economy. And I agree, in that one regard, it is definitely an improvement over simply conjuring fitted ships out of the aether to dump into someone’s redeem queue.

The Scam

The problem comes into focus when you look at what that really means, though: Someone out there in the real world will be paying for the labor you performed in-game. There are, at that point, only two possible scenarios: Either you will get a cut of that real-world money, or you won’t.

Case 1: You Get A Cut

There are a lot of things I could say about this. I could highlight how the ‘Play2Earn’ concept only barely worked on Second Life, which was built to support it. Or rant about how the modern iteration is just corporate buzzword bingo to try to scam investors out of holding or buying shares for just a little more time. Yeah, there are P2E true believers out there, but there are also people who think NFTs are a real, valuable thing. To quote Francis Ottoman on NFTs, “You sell an idiot nothing and give him bad art as a receipt.”

Pay to Earn is just as much a pile of Ponzi vaporware. But to the extent that it’s not, here in the MMO community—hell, online gaming in general—we’ve already got a term for the process of licensees generating real-world income by performing tasks in-game.

It’s RMT.

And that’s all that P2E, in it’s most benevolent form, is: it’s RMT where the company takes a cut, so they don’t bitch. And I think we all know that once that camel’s got its nose under the tent, the hump ain’t far behind. After all, if CCP can benefit from selling the labor of one group of customers to another, then why shouldn’t they widen the scope? Where’s the grounds to object to say… selling SP packs as long as the injectors come from the skill farms people pay to maintain? Maybe give those customers a little kickback, too, to make sure they feel like they’ve got buy-in.

Hell, the SP packs would be especially brilliant: Omega generates real-world $$ for CCP, either from the account holder, or from the guy they buy their PLEX from. Multi-Character Training generates $$, too, again, immediately or indirectly. And wouldn’t you know, Skill Extractors also generate $$ for CCP. Why, if they started offering SP packs from injectors made by their customers, they might drive demand to that kind of in-game activity, and quadruple-dip on the monetization.

But that’s best-case, after all. Just officially-sanctioned RMT with company buy-in, so cry Havoc! and let slip the bots of play-to-earn.

Case 2: You Don’t Get A Cut

CCP has, for almost two decades, made money off of us. Their marketing campaigns have consistently been about what we do. Their big splashy press releases are all about our achievements: Largest fights, most destructive wars, blah blah blah. But that’s all indirect, and we do the stuff we do with no intention of ‘let’s fuel CCP’s free PR machine by doing something the gaming news will cover!’ Vily doesn’t send his coalition’s supers into a buzzsaw thinking ‘hey, you know, I bet Hilmar’ll love this!’

With this, though—if there’s no RMT element—CCP will be openly telling us ‘you will invest time and effort in a task that other people will make money from, and you will do it for free’.

Which, y’know, could be seen as frikkin’ slavery. But we’re here voluntarily, so let’s just call it ‘exploitation’. Especially since not only would we not be getting paid for doing work in CCP’s hardware and software framework that they explicitly intend to repackage for sale to someone else, in a lot of cases… we’d be paying them for the chance to do it!

I gotta say, if I could get someone else to pay me to do my job for me, and let me still collect my normal pay for that job? Yeah, I can totally see why CCP’s so reluctant to let this idea go. Can’t you?

Language, Messaging, and Trust

As an aside, I chose my language very carefully in this piece when referring to the people who—either via a limited ‘Alpha’ license or by paying for an ‘Omega’ license—license access to CCP’s servers. That’s what we do, after all. At no point do we own any of it. We license access to manipulate CCP’s data, within CCP’s IP, in CCP’s proprietary software, running on CCP’s hardware. To reflect that, I’ve used ‘customers’, or ‘licensees’ in this. 

I very intentionally avoided the term ‘players’. Because CCP has a problem with framing that appears to come from the ‘P’-word. They have repeatedly demonstrated that they only think of us as ‘players’. To them, we are people playing a game—friends of theirs engaging in a frivolous activity, getting together to have a good time and party—and if there’s a bit of a rough spot, hey, we’re all pals, it’s just a game, right?

Wrong. We’re not their pals, we’re their customers. We’re the people paying them money to license access to a service from them. And for a long time now, it’s a service they’ve repeatedly screwed up. They’ve made the idea of paying to license access to their service less and less attractive, and it’s high time they stopped treating their customers as fun and games frivolity, and started recognizing that if they want our money, they’d damned well better earn it.

Money Ain’t All They Need To Earn

They also need to earn our trust. For years now, we have been told that we just have to trust them on all this. On the economy. On ship balance. On structures. On monetization. And every time they tell us that, we respond the same way: Trust is earned, and you haven’t earned.

Once upon a time, we did trust CCP. But then they wasted that trust. They abused it and betrayed it, by insisting over and over that player concerns were important to them, and over and over completely failing to listen. Time and again, they have engaged in shockingly naked cash grabs while standing right in front of us and telling us to our faces that their only concern was making the best game they could. They spent years maintaining that they understood the game far better than we did, despite our predictions consistently being borne out, and their intentions consistently going horribly awry.

They betrayed our trust. They squandered our trust. And then they spent years telling us ‘hey, trust us’. And finally, in just the last few months, it almost started to look like they really were working to rebuild that trust.

Two Steps Forward, Four Leaps Back

They announced mining changes, concerns were raised, and they revised those changes. Sure, they kept the whole stupid-ass ‘waste’ mechanic (because apparently, nobody at CCP understands that when you frame your mechanic in a negative way—potential resources lost from the rock—people have a negative reaction. SHOCKING!), but in general, the mining changes have worked well, and were considered a step in the right direction: Announcement, concerns, revision. Good stuff.

Then we got the compression changes, and more of that good stuff: they announced it would work one way, and got told ‘oh my god, this is terrible, did you not think this through at all? Look at what this would mean’ and stepped back to re-evaluate things. It was a lesson, and it looked like they were learning it.

Then this crap happened. I don’t mean the pack itself. That could easily be fixed. Let’s say the CSM sends their open letter a week and a half ago, and CCP Swift responds the same day with ‘Guys, I hear you. I’m gonna be talking to folks about this to make sure they hear you, too’.

Immediately, you’d see people start to uncoil from the RARRRR. Maybe Swift can’t do anything about it, but their concerns are being listened to and taken to the Powers That Be. Maybe a reddit statement or tweet from one of the devs, a little later, saying ‘This was something Marketing had control over, we understand why you guys aren’t happy, we’re gonna try to avoid this in the future, but due to contractual stuff with Steam, it’s gotta run its course’. BAM, situation’s mostly defused. People love to blame marketing guys for crap. It’s like blaming lawyers, but even more fun, because most people believe the marketing guys are even more dishonest than the lawyers.

But That’s Not What Happened

Instead, we get stonewalled. Absolute silence. When EVE Partners like Redline XIII take to Twitch to protest—something that could have served as a sort of release valve to let people vent—CCP threatens them. And yeah, sorry, Convict, but when you tell people ‘you have until Midnight to fall into line or we may take action’, that’s a threat. And when you go and start publicly whining about how people need to understand that it was their choice to stop or not, you didn’t force them to, you can just fuck right the hell off with that dishonest, chickenshit horsecrap.

And then, almost 10 days after the original post raising concerns (and weeks after the CSM began raising them quietly to CCP), we get this insulting bullshit post from Swift. They pulled the pack? Really? The pack that was part of an event that had ended? That pack?

Awesome. They got all the money they were gonna get from the pack, and ‘pulled’ it right when they were planning to, anyway. Thanks guys. Really. Not for pulling the pack, because obviously, you didn’t. No, thanks for demonstrating just how fucking stupid you think we are, and how little respect you have for your customers.

And that’s before you tell us you want to turn us into another revenue stream in a virtual sweatshop.

Fuck it. Burn it all down. It’s what you’ve been doing for years, you might as well go ahead and get out the accelerants.

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  • Rhivre

    This really makes me think of the Eve Echoes insurance system.

    March 19, 2022 at 10:53 AM
  • Pearl Abyss has been telegraphing “play to earn” for the last couple of quarterly reports, backed up by claims about how wise they and CCP are about managing in-game economies. I think the big hope for Fanfest is that maybe it won’t involve crypto. Please let them have gotten that message from how badly players have reacted to it elsewhere.

    Whatever it is, they plan to announce it in front of a live studio audience made up of their most dedicated fans. That is either bravado or self-delusion. It will be worth watching just to see the audience reaction.

    March 19, 2022 at 4:30 PM
    • Arrendis Wilhelm Arcturus

      It ain’t PA. Hilmar’s been on the P2E train for a long, long time.

      March 19, 2022 at 5:06 PM
      • PA is talking it up on their own and they sure aren’t doing anything to reign in Hilmar. I agree it isn’t “PA is forcing them into this,” but they own CCP so they get some share of the blame.

        March 19, 2022 at 5:08 PM
        • Arrendis Wilhelm Arcturus

          PA doing it is in the context of a Korean MMO company doing it. Culturally, that’s pretty normal. So I can’t really get too worked up about them.

          March 19, 2022 at 5:12 PM
  • kwnyupstate .

    I knew CCP would never give up selling ships for money. They are just trying to make a new way to do it now. I bet they will give people plex for ships now and make market offers to buy certain items for plex in return.
    However any method they make for players in game to be compensated to supply items to CCP will also affect the economy since CCP will set the prices.
    Even if CCP itself merely buys items are market isk value that still affects the economy.
    The community should not be conned into submission now and needs to protest 10 times more.

    March 19, 2022 at 4:55 PM
  • Eve_Osir1s

    “Wrong. We’re not their pals, we’re their customers.” People really need to understand this. Yes CCP made a great game once upon a time. They still have to earn the money people pay them. And when people decide it’s time to stop paying, it isn’t toxic as some CCP shills are saying, its capitalism.

    March 19, 2022 at 7:30 PM
    • Tobler0nwed Eve_Osir1s

      There’s only so much they can do with existing infrastructure – for example they can’t turn Eve Online into a Star Citizen type of game and maintain the same massive scale combats. That would require building the game from ground up, and money that they don’t have. Once upon a time, they did try to make Eve into something more, when they introduced Walk in Stations.

      But as expected, the Eve nerds who are resistant to change raged, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Some of those nerds might not even play the game anymore. They also raged because CCP dared to try and invent ways to earn additional income (which they need to develop the game further). But the nerds were like “Oh no, how dare they try to make additional profits in a way that does not fit my ideal view of the game…that’s Capitalism, it’s forbidden!”

      March 21, 2022 at 4:55 AM
      • Tobler0nwed Tobler0nwed

        Walk in Station had potential. For example, they could have developed First Person Shooter side games that would determine the fate of NPC or Player stations. Perhaps additional rewards can be looted from stations when you’re farming, so you’re not just in space blowing up ships. And other things that turn Eve Online into a more cohesive life simulation in space.

        March 21, 2022 at 5:06 AM
        • Eve_Osir1s Tobler0nwed

          It could’ve been yes. But after several years of development WiS was nothing more than an inferior version of the captain’s quarters in Mass Effect. And CCP tried to make two dedicated shooters, Dust 514 which was a little successful and then died, and Project Nova which failed.
          I have to give CCP some credit here. Making a dedicated shooter is a better idea than adding FPS elements to Eve Online. Making a dedicated Flight Sim like the successful Eve: Valkyrie rather than adding it to Eve Online is a great idea.

          It’s a great idea because it avoids scope creep. Which is what the player base was asking CCP to avoid. CCP profited from it when they finally realized it.

          March 21, 2022 at 8:04 AM
          • Also, Walking in Stations probably killed whatever promise there was of a World of Darkness MMO because CCP had to borrow all of the resources working on that to get the captain’s quarters working as minimally as it did.

            And going from awkwardly shambling about in the captain’s quarters to a worthwhile FPS would have been a huge jump.

            March 21, 2022 at 3:47 PM
          • Garreth Vlox Wilhelm Arcturus

            The joke was they literally used eve as a test bed for the games motion but did such a bad job it used up people and resources they needed else where. There’s also a really good interview out there featuring some of the people who were involved and it makes CCP middle and upper management sound like a drunken clown car ride.

            March 21, 2022 at 9:39 PM
          • Arrendis Garreth Vlox

            >There’s also a really good interview out there featuring some of the people who were involved and it makes CCP middle and upper management sound like a drunken clown car ride.

            Yeah, I remember that. WoD had to basically throw everything out and start over like 4 times because CCP’s managers (Hi, Hilmar!) changed the basic game design decisions on them over and over again… and then started poaching graphics designers and coder time without any allowance for it in the deliverables for WoD.

            ‘Oh, we took half your team to work on EVE for six months? Eh, we still want everything for WoD by the same target date.’

            March 23, 2022 at 8:58 PM
          • Garreth Vlox Arrendis

            This is my favorite part of the article.

            “One manager couldn’t answer questions on gameplay or focus. I remember him standing over the shoulder of a programmer putting his finger to his lips and saying ‘No – make it more… psssshhhh’”

            It really captures the complete and total ineptitude of CCP middle mangement for being that bad and CCP upper management for having people that dumb in charge of anything.

            March 23, 2022 at 10:42 PM
          • Arrendis Garreth Vlox

            and then they just… sat on the entire White Wolf IP for over a decade, despite Bloodlines being a huge hit. Ah well, at least it meant they couldn’t damage the brand.

            March 25, 2022 at 7:36 PM
        • Garreth Vlox Tobler0nwed

          “hey could have developed First Person Shooter side games that would determine the fate of NPC or Player stations.”

          They did that, it was called Dust and it was half developed, released early on a dying PS3 console, and then abandoned like everything else CCP makes.

          March 21, 2022 at 9:38 PM
          • Arrendis Garreth Vlox

            Eh, full credit: they did try to make Dust work… but the PS3 was being sunsetted, and they were stupid enough to sign a contract that said ‘PS3 exclusive’ not even ‘PlayStation Network Exclusive’ to curry favor w/Sony that never materialized.

            March 23, 2022 at 9:00 PM
      • Arrendis Tobler0nwed

        >Once upon a time, they did try to make Eve into something more, when they introduced Walk in Stations.

        But as expected, the Eve nerds who are resistant to change raged, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

        Let’s keep in mind, though, that what triggered that rage was not Walking in Stations itself. It was that CCP spent multiple years working on it, then over a year hyping it, and when it was finally delivered… it fell short on literally all counts, and the attempt destroyed an entire other game they were working on.

        So people got mad, and told them to stick to what they knew how to do. If WiS had been delivered in a working form, in a form that allowed more than ‘yes, you can sit on your couch and watch TV. Yay’, the response would have been completely different. We know this because people bought in ahead of the disastrous release. It wasn’t ‘how dare they do something non-spaceship’ it was ‘if you’re going to promise us shit, then half-ass it for over 2 years and deliver unplayable trash that makes us feel insulted, then fucking don’t. Stick to what you’re good at’.

        And no, they didn’t rage that CCP was trying to invent ways to earn additional income. They raged that CCP was—and still is—making development decisions that drive the players away, and then try squeezing more and more money from newbies before they can realize what they’re in for. And they’re trying to get that money out of things that violate the basic principles CCP insisted EVE was based on, right up until they said ‘BTW, we’re selling this pack’.

        They’re raging that CCP is doing this despite the players that they know want to stick with the game because they have actively telling them ‘look, if you do XYZ, it will not harm the game in any way. and we will be thrilled to throw money at you.’ But those ideas? Those ideas never even get talked about. They never even get acknowledged by CCP.

        That’s not ‘capitalism’, that’s ‘shitty customer relations’. And it tends to make people mad in every industry.

        March 21, 2022 at 5:43 AM
      • Rhivre Tobler0nwed

        If they hadnt spent since 2008 at least hyping it up, talking about gambling in the stations, interacting with other players, and making stations living breathing areas, and then delivered….a sofa with a TV screen…it might have gone over a bit differently

        “They also raged because CCP dared to try invent ways to earn additional income” You mean the $1k jeans rage? That was less about CCP earning RL ISK, more about the responses.

        Much like “If you leave, you will be back when you see the big picture” now, sometimes, not much has changed in over a decade.

        There are many ways they can monetize playing Eve, many other games manage to do it without magicking items into existence.

        March 21, 2022 at 8:01 AM
      • Garreth Vlox Tobler0nwed

        “Once upon a time, they did try to make Eve into something more, when they introduced Walk in Stations.”

        This is such a tired old trope it’s insulting to hear it repeated. Walk in Stations was never meant to be an Eve online function, they were using EVE online to test code for their new game (a since failed dumpster fire) World of Darkness, the moment that game was abandoned all progress towards walk in stations went with it, because that game was the only reason it existed to begin with.

        And “the Eve nerds who are resistant to change raged, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” And this is just complete revisionist bullshit. Eve nerds raged because just HAVING THE FEATURE ENABLED tanked your frame rate and game responsiveness to the point where anyone who wanted to PVP had to toggle the players quarters off so they could avoid losing game performance. And let’s not even mention the part where their coding was so dog shit that it actually melted so players video cards because :CCP:

        “Oh no, how dare they try to make additional profits in a way that does not fit my ideal view of the game…that’s Capitalism, it’s forbidden!”

        Take you CCP apologist shit and fuck off. You sound like a CCP sock puppet account

        March 21, 2022 at 9:35 PM
      • Zaand Tobler0nwed

        It literally melted people’s graphics cards. I’m sorry you didn’t get to play patty-cake in station with your friends, but Eve is a game about spaceships blowing up – in space. No one was happy that they spent 2 years wasting resources on game elements that took away from what Eve is.

        March 22, 2022 at 10:14 PM
  • Garreth Vlox

    ” a paradigm where packs of this type will be supplied by players, ensuring that any ship we offer to new players through sales, will have origins from actual player work in New Eden: Made for new players, by veterans. ”

    And marketed, price controlled, and more importantly PROFITTED off of by CCP. This is a bad joke, you do the work, they take the end result and get paid cash for your efforts. This has to be grounds for a lawsuit since they are treating the player as an unpaid worker…

    March 20, 2022 at 1:53 AM
    • Arrendis Garreth Vlox

      This has to be grounds for a lawsuit

      Nope. Because you’re not ‘creating’ anything, you’re just manipulating numbers in their database in a way that produces a pre-determined result already crafted by CCP. What’s more, you’re agreeing that whatever you do, whatever you make, in-game, up to and including your character and any stories you might come up with about your character, are all theirs. From the EULA:

      “The Game is comprised of, without limitation, software code, programs, routines, subroutines, objects, files, data, characters (and items, currency, objects and attributes comprising or associated with a character or an Account), graphics, sound effects, music, animation, video, text, content, layout, design and other information downloaded from and accessible through the System (collectively, the “Game Content”). CCP, its affiliates, licensors and/or suppliers retain all of their right, title and interest (including without limitation all intellectual property rights) in and to the Software, System, Game and all Game Content, and no rights thereto are transferred to you, except for the limited license granted above.”


      You have no interest in the value of your time spent playing the Game, for example, by the building up of the experience level of your character and the items your character accumulates during your time playing the Game. Your Account, and all attributes of your Account, including all corporations, actions, groups, titles and characters, and all objects, currency and items acquired, developed or delivered by or to characters as a result of play through your Accounts, are the sole and exclusive property of CCP, including any and all copyrights and intellectual property rights in or to any and all of the same, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.”

      “You hereby irrevocably and without additional consideration beyond the rights granted to you herein, assign to CCP any and all right, title and interest you have, including copyrights, in or to any and all information you exchange, transmit or upload to the System or while playing the Game, including without limitation all files, data and information comprising or manifesting corporations, groups, titles, characters and other attributes of your Account, together with all objects and items acquired or developed by, or delivered by or to characters, in your Account.”

      Remember EVE Voice? That was part of ‘the system’. Anything anyone ever said through it is technically CCP’s IP now. @WHEE!

      “The System may allow you to communicate information, such as by posting messages in chat rooms, on bulletin boards and other user-to-user areas (collectively, “User Content”).
      You hereby grant CCP an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, assignable, royalty-free license, fully sub-licensable through multiple tiers, to exercise all intellectual property and other rights, in and to all or any part of your User Content, in any medium now known or hereafter developed.”

      So, for example, Alizabeth’s Outside the Wire series that she did on TMC, which never got entered into CCP’s system, but was based on CCP’s IP when it was posted by one user onto a publicly-accessible site for other users to read? CCP, by virtue of the EULA, could collect it and publish it, without ever giving her a cent from it.

      This is what they have already gotten you to agree to.

      They’re just gonna get even more nakedly exploitative about it.

      March 21, 2022 at 5:58 AM
      • Garreth Vlox Arrendis

        You’re approaching this from an IP rights or property ownership point of view, “Because you’re not ‘creating’ anything”, I’m looking at this from a labor laws point of view, “I spent X hours doing this, you took it, sold it, and made a profit.” I’d like to see their in-game disclaimer meet US labor laws like those that govern Lyft or Uber just for the fun of it.

        March 21, 2022 at 9:42 PM
        • This is why subscribers will never see a cent.

          March 22, 2022 at 4:25 PM
        • Zaand Garreth Vlox

          It’s still CCP’s property. If you use a work computer to develop a new product and patent it, your company has every right to sue for rights to the patent becasue it was developed with their resources.

          March 22, 2022 at 10:11 PM
          • Arrendis Zaand

            A lot of places have it right in the employment contract that anything you create or invent while employed by them belongs to them. Most won’t extend this to things you do on your free time / at home, but some are real shits about it.

            March 23, 2022 at 9:05 PM
          • Garreth Vlox Zaand

            “your company has every right to sue for rights to the patent becasue it was developed with their resources.”

            Yes they do, BUT they are still required to pay you for the the TIME you spent working on it, ownership of the end result does not mean that the LABOR required to make the end result is free… none of these arguments are focusing on the point I am trying to make. TIME spent working for something they profited off is the key here.

            March 23, 2022 at 10:44 PM
        • Arrendis Garreth Vlox

          Even from a labor laws point of view, you spend hours… doing an activity on their systems that, just by doing it, means you’re bound by the TOS and EULA. And those things make clear that your efforts are voluntary, with no expectation of compensation, and the results of anything you do are CCP’s property and they can sell it if they want to.

          That said? Take ’em to court. They’ll settle. Because there is no software EULA/TOS in existence that wants to see the inside of a courtroom. The best, most air-tight, ‘our legal team has looked over this for years’ EULAs in the software industry (Apple and Microsoft) run screaming from the idea of putting the EULA before a judge, because there are so many bits that can just get shredded, industry-wide, by any 1 case.

          March 23, 2022 at 9:04 PM
  • Remember when everyone just paid $15 / month to play and the game could just be developed in whatever direction was best for gameplay instead of what was best for scamming people into swiping their credit cards again and again? My, what a novel concept.

    March 21, 2022 at 1:31 AM
  • Super Duper

    I wonder, if they really are able to implement the system that cash bought ships are coming from the player market, would they expand the line of ships this applies to?
    Does it mean that any market that has that type of ship is eligible for this transaction?
    What if they expand this to capital ships, are enemies able to buy ships from each others markets because for example frat hasn’t got that type of ship on the market but horde does.
    Would that mean a player from frat that swipes his card would get a ship produced by a horde member for the horde market?
    There are just so many ways this system could be abused by alliances who have players with real life wealth vs those who don’t.

    I really just wished they offered a statement that they would stop pursuing this kind of path.

    March 23, 2022 at 12:51 PM
    • Guilford Australis Super Duper

      It isn’t clear. I suspect it’d be similar to the Hypernet and contract systems, where anyone can bid or buy. It is already common for enemies to buy items on contract from each other, as Imperium and PAPI spies did constantly during the last war, and even seed bogus contracts in their enemies’ staging. Nothing new there.

      You bring up some good points about the lack of clarity and potential for abuse. My suspicion is that this is going to completely bork the economy, like all of CCP’s other half-assed attempts at market manipulation.

      March 23, 2022 at 3:57 PM
  • Violent Tempest

    This seems to have some relation to the whole “equity” thing that is going around lately or this topic of “play to earn” because everyone wants to be a couch potato and play games to make a living because “look mom I’m the best at this game.”

    You have no equity in this game. Just like in other games where you play for hours, weeks, or years, your attendance in the MMO is what drives other players to want to come in and play the game alongside you. Just because you construct ships in the game, it doesn’t grant you ownership or equity in the game in that manner. You don’t get some extra rights to something CCP decides to do with the generated content.

    You have the ships in your hanger to go and use them to explode them, kill something, or do some mining. You pay for the privilege (and operating costs) of playing a game you desire to play. If you feel like it’s a job then you are playing for the wrong reasons. No one should be playing for any other reason than their own enjoyment. CCP holds the exclusive rights to use anything that happens or is created in the game universe for their marketing and game development.

    What I see are groups of people have attempted to band together like “cancel culture mobs” where they don’t like something a business is doing or planning and they want to cancel them or harass them about it until they change. CCP has to make a return on their investment in the game or the entire game goes away at some point. If they are being pushed to produce more money to justify their existence you need to let them figure out how to do that. Otherwise the game you enjoy playing will go away. If that wouldn’t bother you at all then perhaps you don’t need to be playing in the first place.

    CCP’s error was that they allowed this spoiled player behavior to any extent in the first place. Sure, take input from your player base about how you can make the game better when it comes to mechanics. But when it comes down to the business side of the house and the monetary generation, CCP should do that on their own. If you know how to make money better then go and make your own money to compete and stop trying to tell an international global gaming publisher how to make money. CCP doesn’t have a monopoly in the space game business.

    The day they let the player base and bunch of neck beards who can barely make enough money to make it out their mom’s basement dictate the business model of a company is the day the game and entire company starts the slope for the slope throne.

    March 30, 2022 at 5:36 PM